The Last of Us: Evolving a Genre

TMG: If you’ve played any Survival Horror games in the last few years you’ll know how much they have changed and how much over-saturation they have seen. Naughty Dog has decided to take a plunge into this once niche genre of video games with their upcoming release, The Last of Us. While this game doesn’t exactly harken back to the good old days of Survival Horror, The Last of Us does plan to add its own imprint to the ever evolving horror genre, which for me started a very long time ago in a mall arcade.

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Animal_Since19941957d ago

If this was a movie it would win an oscar award

CynicalKelly1957d ago

Maybe someday.

Hopefully it becomes a continued franchise, it's too good to be a one hit wonder.

Karpetburnz1957d ago

Judging by all the praise from critics, I would say this is the best game in its genre this generation.