Why I’m Not Looking to Purchase an XBox One

MTB: The reaction from Microsoft’s reveal of the XBox One has not been a positive one. There has been a lot of noise surrounding the device’s restrictions regarding sharing/second-hand sales, having to check-in with the mothership every 24 hours, required Kinect usage, and snubbing smaller developers. Unsurprisingly, some have shrugged complaints off as just another example of the entitled hardcore gamer crying. While it is true that some just don’t adapt well to change and some look for any reason to hate Microsoft, I have only one reason that I am not looking to purchase the successor to the 360.

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SexyGamerDude2014d ago

People obviously cared enough to vote to have this approved.

SignifiedSix912014d ago

The only people who voted, were sony fanboys. Which were never going to buy it anyways.

alien6262014d ago

my problem with next gen systems is that they forcing us to play with thing we dont want. for example Wii u has a tablet for a controller. yes it works and all and you might not need it to play games but its expensive to buy another one. For the xbox1 they have kinect 2.0. they forcing us to have it connected to the xbox. of course you dont need it to play but i bet from does 15 exclusive games they have a big number of does will be kinect games. M$ has done this before saying they have exclusives but they just kinect games in which only a small percentage of gamers care. Sony in the other hand is sticking with just a system and controller. my guess is they wont force us to buy the camera. This reasons are one that i feel Xbox will fail and ps4 will rise. dont get me wrong xbox will sell and will be great.

Tokyo_reject2013d ago

There are two reasons why you would push dislike.
1. (Like Signified said) Fanboy.
2. You know you wont be able to afford the XBOXONE when it comes you're trying to convince yourself its not worth your time. Saaaaame thing happen with the 360, and even the tell yourself and others that it sucks when it first comes out, then when the price went down, you jumped on the chance to get it ^^ you cant fool anyone.

dedicatedtogamers2014d ago

It won't be a legacy console, that's what bothers me. Your games will work for as long as they say they can work. The servers will be online for as long as they say. You can sell your used game at the retailers they say are allowed to trade/sell.

It takes all the rights out of the consumers' hands, and there are people out there who actually believe Microsoft/EA has their best interests at heart and won't screw them over.

SexyGamerDude2014d ago

My question is what if Xbox Live goes down before the check? There was a day not too long ago where there was a problem and it was down for a while.

Will you not be able to access your games or system?

Bigpappy2014d ago

Here is where I stand. I have been reading a lot about this whole use game thing and the rights of the buyer. I hate to get into these conversations where everyone is just hot headed and they don't care to hear each other out.

I would prefer for the use game thing to stay as it is so we can trade or sell or rent or disk. The reality is the digital download world is how things will work going forward.

What M$ is offering now is actually better sharing than we have on 'Steam' or any other download service.

What I am hoping for is a reasonable agreement between the publishers, the retail and us (the gamers)so we can continue our ecosystem even with the Digital Distribution.

What publisher need to be mindful of, is that if the customer looses that sense of tangible ownership, some my start to question the $60 asking price for big name games.

But yea. Most of what we play going forward will be DD games.

Sorry if that offends any one, but I can only write what is in my mind, not yours. So you just have to get over it I guess.

iceman062014d ago

While I completely agree that DD is the "future" of games (as we have seen Stream, MS, Sony, and even Nintendo go the digital route), I have to say that it just seems like another way to minimize the consumer. I hope, as you, that there will be some amiable way that publishers, devs, and retailers will remember the consumer. I just don't see it because the endgame for them ALL is money...ours. I remain hopeful, but not optimistic.

Mutant-Spud2014d ago

Considering the only thing I need a console to do is play games I'm not even slightly interested in any other features, I've been an Xbox owner since the beginning but honestly, when Christmas 2013 rolls around and I've got the cash to update my console the only consideration will be price and what sort of bundle I can get, if PS4 is better value at the time I'll be getting one.

002014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

after all the info released it would be insane to still want one

no way I'm sacrificing my consumer rights, Ms and all the publisher that supports the xbone can go to hell.

Hicken2014d ago

It's really a small number, but too many people who call themselves core gamers don't think like that.

It's not even about which company is doing it. It's just the fact that it's being done, PERIOD, that should send up all sorts of red flags.

But, eventually, you'll have the usual suspects come in here to defend the decision to have their own rights minimized.

iceman062014d ago

The issue here is that the average consumer doesn't spend everyday looking at the video game industry. They simply see a commercial, or hear a friend or co-worker, and it's off to the store for a purchase. That's why branding is so important and not the product itself. Why do we, as consumers, buy things that are grossly overpriced when there are comparable things on the market? Branding. The Xbox name has supplanted the term "console" for many everyday consumers. Thus, there WILL be many "blind" purchases. Personally, I try to research anything that I spend hundreds of dollars on. I'd hope that I'm not in the minority, but I'm afraid that I am.

002014d ago

there are far to many hoops to jump through people may do blind purchases for the xbox one but once they find out how horrible it is they will be returning it to get there 400/500$ back.

iceman062014d ago

Maybe or maybe not. There is always that strange group that tries to convince themselves that it was a worthy purchase. I suspect that there will probably be some consoles traded in (if MS allows THAT) if PS4 gains traction and becomes the "it" console to have.

DivineAssault 2014d ago

because of all its damn requirements.. You MUST install every game.. You MUST connect online everyday.. You MUST have kinect hooked up.. You MUST pay fees to play used games.. You MUST pay for online multiplayer.. You MUST pay for cable/satellite & have a box to connect to this box for the tv features.. You MUST be crazy if you think im buying this

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