David Hayter Not In Metal Gear Solid 5 At All? I Call Shenanigans

Is David Hayter going to be in Metal Gear Solid 5. Many people believe he won't but I think he will for a few reasons. (

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GameReviewGuy2017d ago

Well I'm hoping one of the Snake's (Preferably Solid Snake) is going to be voiced by David Hayter. If not it will piss off a lot of fans unfortunately

sarcastoid2016d ago

I think this is what will happen, personally.

zeal0us2017d ago

Is Hayter even in Ground Zeroes?

PSVita2017d ago

Kohima trolls like a mutha. I bet at the very end you see Big Boss's three clones in tanks or something and solid snake will open his eyes and say some badass one liner and our brains will melt.

Redrum0592017d ago


THat very thing which you've described has been my life long dream in gaming. That these two Awsome, no, Legendary characters unite one last time in a single game. The ultimate battle between BigBoss and Solid Snake remastered in high definition, 4k Glory.

DaThreats2017d ago

Solid Snake can be in the game, and Kojima doesn't want both of their voices to be the same!
Got it now.

SexyGamerDude2017d ago

Then why does he still have the same voice actor in the Japanese version?

Kojima just wanted to have somebody different voice Snake in English. We fans have to accept that.

Shuyin2017d ago

The japanese voice actor is said to be a very good one. Perhaps he can do the voices without sounding similar.

Erimgard2016d ago

This game takes place in 1984. Solid Snake would be 12 years old. Why the hell would Hayter voice a 12 year old?

2pacalypsenow2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I remember Liquid saying that the genetic code was extracted when Big BOss was in his 50's snake wasn't 50 in 1972 how can snake be born in 1972? since in 1984 Big Boss is 49

Erimgard2016d ago

Snake is stated to be 42 years old in Guns of the Patriots. Guns of the Patriots takes place in 2014. Therefore, Solid Snake was "born" in 1972.

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The story is too old to be commented.