E3 2013 Preview: Sony What Do We Expect from the PS4 & Vita?

Rev:You saw our Microsoft and Nintendo previews, so now check out what Sony plans to offer for this year's E3! Adam Sessler and Max Scoville speculate on the big PS4 games that will be making appearances at this year's show, and what Sony is bringing to the table for PlayStation Vita.

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NatureOfLogic2015d ago

Games, more games and features.

S2Killinit2015d ago

I feel like Sassler is a microsoft sleeper.

majiebeast2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Nope he isnt just look at his twitter and wait for him to rip it a new one in his next video.

S2Killinit2015d ago

no? hmmm it really does feel like he uses words with a negative connotation everytime he is talking about anything Sony. But ok, I shall give him the benefit of doubt.

S2Killinit2015d ago

"unfortunately"? /: unfortunately you can play your PS4 games on your Vita. why unfortunately?

LackTrue4K2015d ago

hummm....FPS Russia is making new videos, and he keeps bring up SOCOM?!?

could he be hinting something?!

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