New Sonic Lost World details

A new round of Sonic Lost World details have been uncovered, for both the Wii U and 3DS versions.

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TripC501956d ago

The detail regarding Miiverse integration is interesting. I wonder how that will pan out.

Myst1956d ago

Ah interesting kind of want to know a bit more about the WiiU details. Also wondering if I can use the WiiU Pro controller..seems like one should be able to but I just want to be sure!

Smashbro291956d ago

I don't want this community BS and these 2nd player help gimmicks. I want solid core gameplay mechanics.

TripC501956d ago

You can have solid core gameplay mechanics along with community integration and optional second player support. But I can see where you are coming from. Lets hope all goes well :)

Smashbro291956d ago

I'm really just hoping the game stands on its own without this stuff. I don't want upgrades, I don't want to level up I just want to play.

DivineAssault 1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Thats not going to happen here.. This sonic game is probably made to attract children & not the core gamers who know & love sonic from the genesis days.. I could be wrong but im guessing this exclusive will be a cake walk with no challenge.. Look at the stages in all the videos & how they resemble mario galaxy.. You think that sonic can be controlled at high speeds through narrow paths like that? I highly doubt it but we will see.. Im only speculating..

Anyway, i hope this game ends up fun & the multiplayer is back to its old school 2D roots like Sonic 2-3... The miiverse connectivity seems to be ok & i like that nintendo is doing like sony with the handheld/system connectivity.. I hope some great ideas evolve from them competing with eachother... Man o man do i hope this sonic ends up good like it used to be.. No need for all them other characters like shadow & silver.. Just sonic, tails, knuckles, & amy since they were the originals in the 2D days

Shinobi1001956d ago

Sonic can walk in this game

Realplaya1956d ago

You haven't seen much in terms of game layout your just assuming. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that they worked with Nintendo hand and hand to get the right level balance. Something that's challenging and fun at the same time. Also if the levels resemble galaxy with a twist is it so wrong?

Realplaya1956d ago

What if the core of the game is great and the social aspect adds to the fun factor would that be acceptable?

kB01956d ago

Tilt for 3Ds?

Seriously Why is there always 1 thing that sonic gets that screws everything? Instead of maybe...oh I dunno using the 3D maybe?

Tilt? I hate tilting...have u ever tilted on the subway? Yea...thanks for that one.

Keep motion games on Cellphones, let cellphone games feel like "gamers", we have buttons...let us use em!

Shinobi1001956d ago

They are lettin us use buttons. That's on top of lettin us use the only input method Ipad games are good for

Shinobi1001956d ago

This'll be the best Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles

kB01955d ago

^comments like that ruin games:) Don't over hype, you won't be over depressed.

Also, Sonic Generations was absolutely amazing and so was Sonic adventure 1 DC and 2 Dc/GC....

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