Ten Franchises We Want Microsoft To Bring To The Xbox One

UPROXX - Microsoft has stated that after a… muddled introduction to the Xbox One that E3 would be all about the games, and that we would see fifteen “new” franchises. We know at least a few of them are going to be established hits, and a few will involve jazz hands in front of the Kinect, but Microsoft owns several studios, and dozens of franchises. Here are a few they should bring back.

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dedicatedtogamers1991d ago

Now that we know the console requires online, I wonder if Microsoft is going to make a push into the MMO/f2p market (like Sony is) to take advantage of the infrastructure.

Just thinking out loud...

greenpowerz1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Thinking out loud indeed. Some of the things your people are able to troll or will troll is amazing.

Having every console connected to MSFT's 300,000 servers and the Azura cloud computing service will obviously create games not possible on local hardware on any platform last and next gen.

Some how I don't you were thinking out loud for the sake of Xbox more in the lines of trolling and defending Sony when no one was talking about Sony LOL

Xbox One is designed and built from the ground up to work with cloud(online) on the hardware side and the server side.

What MSFT is doing is nothing like what Sony is doing.

To the article.

-Killer Instinct
-Perfect Dark
-Lost Odyssey
-Midnight club Dub edition 2
-Proper Mass Effect using cloud
-Jade Empire
-Evil Dead Regeneration
-Outlaw Golf 2(kinect)
-Kingdom Under Fire(cloud)
-Brute Force

yesmynameissumo1991d ago

What happens when they turn off the servers? Your modem or router die? Sony have said the PS4 has no online requirement -

LackTrue4K1991d ago

that name....."green"

fits your envy.

NatureOfLogic1991d ago

Ten franchises we are willing to give up our rights for.

N4GCB1991d ago

I'm just going to laugh at the fact that you think it'll make any difference.


Big news buddy, anything that can connect to the net can utilize cloud computing.

This'd only be a deal breaker if the ps4 couldn't connect to the internet and we all had Google Fiber.

Right now, it'd only ruin the game you're playing if it relied on the internet so much.

SexyGamerDude1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

How was he trolling? It wasn't even a question that spoke bad on MS. He just wanted to know if they were going to start getting into MMOs.

I myself want to know the answer to that too. I haven't seen anything yet but MMOs are becoming extremely popular. MS might want a piece of the market.

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FrigidDARKNESS1991d ago

Kingdom Hesrts 3, Halo Wars. Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Black,

reko1991d ago

kingdom hearts?? huh?

theWB271991d ago

It's crazy all the IP's they have and won't tap into...but wow would I love Killer Instinct and Crimson Skies.

nigelp5201991d ago



Shadowsteal1991d ago

Saddest attempt of a Most Wanted list for Xbox. Only half of them mean anything.

Killer Instinct
Lost Odyssey
Crimson Skies

Rethink the other half. Please.

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