Has Microsoft Goofed?

Analog Addiction writes: "Microsoft has clarified what it’s doing in some of the most controversial issues surrounding the Xbox One. However, the problem is that this news is mostly bad or confusing news. So lets try to see exactly what Microsoft is on about and if they’ve screwed up.

Used Games and Trade-Ins

Microsoft will be allowing Xbox One owners to trade in used games and to buy used games. Once a game is installed on your harddrive you’ll get a digital copy of that game regardless. Once you have that game you’ll be free to sell it or give it to a friend. The Xbox One will allow you to share a used game with a buddy but that person will have to have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and you can only share it with them once."

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ThatCanadianGuy5142014d ago

The consequences will never be the same.

Xbone is an abomination of gaming.

NatureOfLogic2013d ago

Worst console reveal ever. But yes, they'll be perfectly fine./s

ABizzel12013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

MS has done most of Sony's work for them. Sony only needs to sit back and scoop up the gamers thanks to the utter BS MS has manifested with the X1.

MS themselves are raging. LMAO.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2013d ago

Greenpowers... he eats alphabet soup... chokes on the microsoft D

Bluepowerzz2013d ago

you cannot be serious defending something like this just becuase you got a boner off halo 3 or gears one.

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Godmars2902013d ago

Only some of that is still true with this new info. Rentals may still be alive if the lending thing is legit for instance.

Bigpappy2013d ago

DD is the very near future Godmars. Rental in is current form is just about dead anyway.

I remember when you were down to 1 or 2 bubbles yourself. We are mostly on opposite sides of the debate. But I would say this: you are no sheep. So I respect that you are your own person.
Too many clones on this site. Every one seems to have the same exact position on every issue. So in that environment it is difficult to find something to respond to.

Godmars2902013d ago

Consoles are all but dead if only DD is the future. MS, as a software company, doesn't seem to understand that the US at the very least is not ready for it.

I can only hope that that fact bites them hard and fast enough that they can pick up the pieces of the mess that's about to happen. That Sony has better sense.

And as far as the bubble thing, all I can tell you is don't make your only point or counter-point, "YOU'RE A FANBOY!" Try to actually have something to say and think of the person you're trying to talk to. Especially the ones too wrapped up in a brand name or side to possibly be thinking straight. Harder still, try to recognize when you're the one who's not thinking straight and only of the brand name.

Guess I have Square to think for that at least :p

dark-hollow2013d ago

DD is all fine and dandy but I won't trust MS to do it right. Look at steam and why its amazingly popular. All of the great deals and game prices that went down with time. While MS will surely have two years old games still selling for £30-£40 with very minor discounts. Just look at their on demand games, their prices are outrageous!

KillrateOmega2013d ago

Microsoft, you dun goofed.


izumo_lee2013d ago

Success has gone to their heads. They are Sony of 2005. Arrogant, liars, believing that they run the industry.

However unlike Sony i do not think Microsoft are capable of righting the ship. They do not have the know how to do what Sony did to make gamers believe or trust them like they are now.

I find it so funny. Sony a company that is having financial issues within the company do so much to give back to their customers more than they receive. While Microsoft one of the most wealthiest companies in the world are doing so much to hemorage money off their consumers & with the stuff they have announced today....why are there still people still defending them?

DigitalRaptor2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I think Xbox One (sadly) will do just fine across the market it's aimed at - broad entertainment consumers. MS just have the mindshare of the gullible, casual gaming demographic and the marketing budget they'll put aside for it will be colossal. It would have to be to overshadow disgusting, greedy anti-consumerism.

If it doesn't take off though (best case scenario), MS certainly would not be able to recover from anti-consumer, always-on, DRM restrictions they put in place when designing their console. The damage has been done in that regard.

I mean what company in the gaming industry designs a games console with broad entertainment spec more than dedicated gaming spec?

whoyouwit042013d ago

There is nothing wrong with what microsoft is doing other then 24 hour check in; everything else is cool. But, I guess if you are a sony fan you would biotch about it no matter what it is. The thing is microsoft policy for used games is what sony said theirs would be up to the developers, but now sony fans act like they didn't say that.

BitbyDeath2013d ago

The used games situation isn't good either.
It's going to kill a lot of businesses causing more people to be out looking for jobs. Like we need that.

whoyouwit042013d ago

they said you can trade your games in why are you people making that so hard to understand.

BitbyDeath2013d ago

You must've missed the fineprint that it will only be at stores where MS deem it possible.

Also game hiring places are totally out.

a_bro2013d ago

You can trade your games AT PARTICIPATING RETAILERS. that means only GameStop.

jessupj2013d ago

If you're a decent human being that has actual standards, has even a sliver of self worth and has the ability to think for themselves, you will be violently opposing this new xbox.

But I guess if you're a xbox fanboy you'll suck MS's dick no matter how many times they bend you over.

Fanboys like you are a parasite on gaming.

GusBricker2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

MS HAS to make it so gamers can play it offline. For instance, the only way to play offline is to have the disc in the machine so it can read the coding on the disc and thus, knowing it's not pirated.

rela82me2013d ago

That would be easy to get around. I feel they are trying to push for the future with this move. I don't think society is quite where Microsoft wants us to be. This may have been an iteration for the next-next-gen consoles. I almost feel however, that we should just get it out of the way and "in the norm" I am not ecstatic about being always online, but I do know that 95% of the time my I ALWAYS have internet. The problem I come across is if I dont have internet, I usually want to solo-game for awhile; and that may pose a problem for others. However, for me I can always use my phone as a hotspot and check in really quick and be on my way.

The only thing I was confused about was the sharing feature. Will 10 of my friends and family members have constant access to my game's library? That would be pretty awesome. If not do I have to chose and lend certain people in my 10 the copy of the game? I must say that I do love being able to go to any Xbox One console and be able to play any of my games I own without a disc, the only major advantage of always online DRM.

Needless to say though, there seems to be quite the bit of drama from the X1, and the PS4 (as of now) doesn't have the stressors it's rival does. I have always had a place in my heart for both consoles; however, which comes first is the question that lingers with me. I haven't decided yet, I suppose the initial launch exclusives will truly be the deciding factor.

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