Ridge Racer Type 4 coming to PSP/PS3

For those who enjoyed playing Ridge Racer 1 & 2 on the PSP or any Ridge Racer for that matter I would fully recommend getting the Type 4 title when it arrives on the store.

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THWIP3677d ago

Riiiiiiiidge Raaaceeeeer! :D

Skerj3677d ago

Best Ridge Racer ever.

Luca Blight3677d ago

with the exception of Rage Racer

StalkingSilence3677d ago

This is from a South African blog, essentially pointing out what a lot of us already knew - that PEGI ratings board indicates that these games are coming to PS3/PS1. I don't understand what's new about this. Also, many aren't listed on ESRB (while ESRB includes others PEGI doesn't have). So just making sure people know this is for Europe for now.