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Destructoid: "The crazy ride continues with a third game for the thirteenth chapter of Square Enix's flagship series. But Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy is quite a bit different from the previous two titles. Giving it a go with our very first hands-on, I found that it took me a while to warm up to some of the new ideas.

But now I'm convinced. I think."

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rextraordinaire2015d ago

Honestly, after seeing the new E3 trailer, I'm intrigued. I'll buy it anyway only to complete the trilogy. I kind of enjoyed the first two chapters enough to beat them, so this one will likely have the same effect.

Oh, and is she going against the whole cast from the previous chapters? In the trailer, she goes against Noel, "Serah", Snow... It would not surprise me if we have to fight every one from the saga at least once in the game.