Can Your Network Handle The "Optimal" Xbox One Experience?

Kotaku - Along with today's clarification of the online requirements of the Xbox One, Microsoft also gave us an internet speed target: "For an optimal experience, we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps." That doesn't seem unreasonable. Let's see how we do.

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greenpowerz1690d ago

So you can basically do internet tethering with a phone from 6 years ago on a mobile network or on a wifi hardwired internet connection speed so slow I have never seen that speed offered personally. Oh I kid I kid.

NewMonday1690d ago

but the PING will be horrible using tethering, that will be the factor on the quality of online games.

whoyouwit041690d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone with high speed has at least a 1.5mbps connection. My thing is this with microsoft how do the think they are going to reach a billion users if you have to have internet to play games. well I guess there is always exeed and hughs net, that's I have at my house in the country (Dish net); along with earth link DSL. However the thing with satellite is you have a data gap; so, how much is xbox one online going to take up. why I know gaming is possible with satellite it will take up data.

Elit3Nick1690d ago

Lol you realize that the one billion consoles sold thing was referring to a billion next gen consoles, not just xbox. Just to let you know...

TheGrimReaper1689d ago

Germany, my connection: 384 kbit/s


Christopher1690d ago

***we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps***

What they don't mention is that this is just for the Xbone. Meaning, you will need higher to account for other traffic or for spikes with your provider. Connecting via WiFi? Make sure you have a good connection and not too much interference.

Most city folk who make reasonable money may not have an issue with this.

This is really a massive F U to rural folks, though. Truly, just a big ole screw you.

I have no clue how this is going to work in places where people game offline mainly and do not have much for Internet connections.

KwietStorm1690d ago

When this whole thing was slowly being revealed, I had a few genuine concerns that I got a bunch of disagrees for, even though they were just questions. When you look at the current 360 userbase, about half of them subscribe to XBL. Since the other half don't, I think it's safe to assume that most, if not the vast majority of them, don't even have their console connected to the internet. Wouldn't that make the Xbox One completely useless to them from the start? A lot of people talk up the fact that "everyone" is always connected anyway, even Microsoft said it. The thing is it's not really true. There's just so many people who either aren't connected, have a slower connection by choice, or have an unreliable connection due to various circumstances. Maybe I'm pessimistic, but to me, it feels like Microsoft doesn't care about that demographic. One might argue that they're nit obligated to, but then what does that do to their profit margins and potential sales moving forward?

whoyouwit041690d ago

like I said there is always satellite internet. the only satellite service I know you can game on is exeed. Hughs net you can came but the ping is terrible sometimes.

Christopher1690d ago

Satellite Internet is extremely overpriced and has horrific connectivity. Most of the time it isn't even enough to reach the recommended levels for this.

As I said, it's a big F U to rural folks.

SpitFireAce851690d ago

Seems a bit low 1.5 gigs I wonder if thats just to connect to live.I can't imagen it's to game online you need at least 3-5 gigs for a proper online experience.

Christopher1690d ago

Depends on the experience. Some experience may require more, but to use it "out of the box" it may only require 1.5 Mb/s.

OlgerO1690d ago

I have a download speed of 6 mb and an upload speed of 0.74 mb. Will that be enough or do you also need an upload speed of 1.5 mb ?

strigoi8141690d ago

I think this is only for them to check your software..but for the online multiplayer gaming itself will require more than 1.5gb