LeBron James gets first-ever video-game cover with ‘NBA 2K14′

UST:Miami Heat star LeBron James graces the cover of NBA 2K14, the latest edition of the immensely popular and decorated basketball video game franchise that has sold more than five million copies in each of the last three years.

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Emilio_Estevez1651d ago

Yeah, about damn time. He's only the hands-down best player in the world, not big deal or anything.

NYC_Gamer1651d ago

I can't believe certain people are upset/saying they won't buy 2K14 because James is on the cover

SexyGamerDude1651d ago

Lol At Lebum being the best player.

Outside_ofthe_Box1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

King James finally on the cover! He's about to win it again and get his 2nd ring too!


LOL @ those hating on the KING.

alien6261651d ago

hell yea they finally adding King James signature skills like flopping! :) new feature in the game

THamm1651d ago

Flopping is already in the game. hit b 2X

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M-M1651d ago

I know right? It's ridiculous and I don't know why it's getting called almost everytime.

Emilio_Estevez1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Let em' - people are upset for the stupidest reasons.
The decision - wasn't that just a press conference? Yup, except the profits from that went to charity opposed to some sports network.
Going to Miami in general - In a time when every athlete is greedy as hell, he took less $ to win and he's a bad guy?
Not clutch? - Last year says high, game 5 last week says high, game 7.....

Heat in 6 - and I'm a Knicks fan

Flop? - Can't defend that, flopping is out of control in recent years.

TripC501651d ago

Add a flop button in the game then.

ddurand11651d ago

finally some sanity here.

hes clearly the best player in the league.

dendenmooshi1651d ago

Just saw the commercial during the finals.

Terrible. Lol

PurpHerbison1651d ago

Excuse me? There is only one King and that man is named Sagat.

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Cueil1651d ago

I hope this series last 4 games and Spurs lift up trophie... that would be a fitting ending to this season for LeBron and his tacked together team

RememberThe3571651d ago

I'm not really a fan (I hate floppers), but James is the best doing it right now. Well deserved, and I hope he beats the Spurs into the hardwood.

TripC501651d ago

I like players who play and don't flip out when things don't go their way. James is a child when he doesn't get his way running across the entire length of a basketball court screaming is lame. Put a guy on the cover who is cool headed and a great player. Or add a button to flop, scream, and complain.

Belking1651d ago

At the end of the day he has millions in the bank

TripC501651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

True that. He is possibly the best player on the planet earth and deserves butt loads of money for his gameplay, but its a shame he is a freaking child when he doesn't get his way.

SexyGamerDude1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

So do tons of other players.

I remember watching a game where he air balled a free throw. It wasn't even close. How do you do that?

DaThreats1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Getting the PS4 version. And i expect it to be the best version.

Cueil1651d ago

*looks at PC connect to 47 inch HDTV...* No... no I think not anymore

PurpHerbison1651d ago

Psssttt... I don't think a 47 inch TV counts as bragging rights anymore, they make TVs double that size now.

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