25 Video Game Inspired Sneakers That Don't Suck

Complex - There isn't a much of a difference between sneakerheads and gamers. They're both collectors, have a keen sense of artistic value and don't mind camping out for the latest releases. There's no wonder why there have been so many collaborations between video game and sneaker companies.

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Relientk771988d ago

I wish the Pro Keds Series "Arcade Games" shoes were still available :-/

KrimsonKody1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Alot of those Pac-Man themed sneakers were hot.
(Not on the list)
I would like the Nike Air Ones with Yoshi & Mario on the side.
Along with the Metal Gear Solid Uptowns.

UNGR1988d ago

And they still cost too much, unfortunately. Some gamer swag is just too expensive, looks cool, but expensive.

LackTrue4K1988d ago

the last ones look good, this coming for a person that has 4 sets of VANS black/black&red/gray/class ic black. :D

level 3601988d ago

Two collectors' shoes that I really, really like to have.

1) ( )

2) ( )