State of Decay features zombie gaming done right

If first impressions are an indicating factor in whether players might enjoy or dislike a game, then “State of Decay” will have any fan of the undead or open-world games simply falling in love. Like any title, fans can’t really know if they will like it until they actually get their hands in front of the game.

Within the first few hours of play, “State of Decay” had me go from feeling optimistically intrigued to enamored with the experience. So much so that my first play session, which was intended to last just a couple of hours, turned into a six hour marathon of “State of Decay.”

In the initial hours of play alone, gamers will witness numerous encounters that will fulfill their undead fantasies. “State of Decay” truly captures a sense of immersion that makes a player feel like they’re inside the zombie apocalypse. This immersion doesn’t just stop with scavenging for supplies either. It’s the instances that occur while looking for resources that make the game memorable.

Players might not remember the time they found a golf club while exploring, but they will likely remember the first time they spotted a roaming undead horde (or the first time a horde spots them). It’s these moments that make “State of Decay” worth playing.

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