PSP Outsells Wii in Japan

The PSP has been a top choice for Japanese gamers for a long time, but was recently toppled by Nintendo's Wii. Now, the latest Japanese hardware sales show that the Sony's handheld gaming platform regained the lead. This, by the way, is the chart for the week ended March 16.

* PSP - 57,651
* Wii - 55,845
* DS - 53,266
* PS3 - 14,934
* PS2 - 9,930
* Xbox 360 - 1,744

Xbox 360 and Dreamcast are in a tight race. I'm fully expecting Amiga to outsell the 360 in Japan in the near future.

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desolationstorm3738d ago

They all go back and forth allt he time at least the psp, ds and wii are pretty consistant with being close to each other. The ps3 seems to wildly jump around week to week.

Cwalat3738d ago

decapitator -

Yes it will continue, but if Sony really wants a fighting chanse, they better lower the base back price to 99$... That would end it all.

BlackIceJoe3738d ago

I so agree with you and think Sony should lower the price of the PSP.
I may have two one old and the newer one too. But I know some people that want one. But can't decide if they should buy the bundle or a Wii. So it is hard for them to make up there mind. So if the PSP is selling really great now I can only imagine how much more systems the PSP would sell then.

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SUP3R3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

PSP dominates, but the only explanation for lower weekly PS3 sales is the MGS4 bundle pack. Recent news articles state that the pre-order numbers for the limited edition bundle is huge so it's the only thing I can think of, otherwise it doesn't make sense at all.

[email protected] competing with Dreamcast, that was funny.

Shaka2K63738d ago

microsuck is still trying over there lolzzzzzzzzzz haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

PS360WII3738d ago

It's kind of a badge of honor now to outsell the Wii. Good props to the Wii for being the system to beat.

I wonder how crazy the DS will sell once Dragon Quest IX comes out...?

Palodios3738d ago

haha, so true. I get a feeling its launch will be bigger than smash.

mikeslemonade3738d ago

DS was always the best selling in Japan. It is just recently that Wii is outselling DS.

King20083738d ago

its a damn good portable...I wish it had a 2nd analog.

Skerj3738d ago

I used to think that too but with the way I hold the PSP, it'd be uncomfortable with 2 analog sticks unless they move one to a higher position.

zapass3737d ago

2 analog sticks moved higher and 2 rear buttons in addition to the 2 shoulder buttons would've been perfect for me. this way you could use 4 buttons *while* using the 2 sticks and you could play most console games and FPS over wifi with buddies and that would be awesome :)

the current button/stick config is the weakest aspect of the design.
otherwise, what an incredible console!

superman3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Isnt there Monster Hunter 2nd G coming out soon ?

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The story is too old to be commented.