Game Informer - State Of Decay Review: The Undead Plague Is One Problem Among Many

Game Informer - Game developers have all sorts of avenues to explore in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. Left 4 Dead revolves around the teamwork required to beat the odds, The Last Of Us is about emotional resonance between survivors, Dead Rising aims for the joy in dismembering and humiliating the undead. State of Decay carves out a new niche in the post-apocalyptic landscape by focusing on the desperation and doom inherent in a zombie-infested world. That bleak theme shines through, despite widespread technical and design issues.

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MilkMan1991d ago

I'm telling you. I like the game. Im just not loving it. Lots of variables to consider (now that I've played the game more) I like this. But things like creating an outpost, what are the benefits? cause safe zones aren't really that safe?
The "healing" system is pathetic. You have to switch out to different characters to let the other heal. OK, but what happens when most characters are tired?

Some unexpected missions pop up and you think you have time to deal with it, then they disappear off the map. I understand that some or all the missions are timed, but what this game needs to make it infinitely more playable is a Dead Rising style clock. That counts down the time you have for each mission, this way you can prioritize.

There are some good ideas at work here, but it needs more spit and polish.

The game is like an action version of Zafehouse Diaries and/ or Rebuild on your favorite tablet.

SJPFTW1991d ago

Outposts let you store items you scavenged or take out stored items far away from your home base (get more ammo, get snacks/medicine). Makes scavenging easier. Also has traps around to help with zombie hordes if they are chasing you.

You can use medicine to heal yourself, eat food to help with fatigue. By switching characters you allow the other to rest at the base. Hard to heal when your running around wounded.

Dead Rising Style clock? Thsi game is a hardcore game, supposed to be a zombie survival simulator. Why should their be a clock? Game forces you to make tough choices, and to prioritize with the little info you have. Thats why it is so good.

iceman061991d ago

I can understand your frustration, as it seems to take some time to get used to the idea of actually having to survive. Seen in that perspective, like in The Walking Dead, it makes more sense. You DO have to get resources, but at a risk. There are no REAL safe zones...aside from your base. But, traps are good to keep hordes away at outposts. Plus, strategic placement will allow you to scavenge and drop off items without the need to return to base (as long as you break things down). As for healing, the only thing to really do is provide the medical upgrades at base camp (plus food and rest).
As for missions, well, those are more tough decisions...but think of them as strategic options. Do you need more people at base? Need to relocate? Infestation too close to home? More ammo or food? etc.
I DO agree that the spit and polish is needed. Less in terms of the design and more in terms of execution. Those framerates can downright slog while driving.


This game is great! Outside of virtua fighter 5 fs its my fav xbla game. I never even heard of it til yesterday. Great game 8/10