Hideo Kojima Reveals Themes for Metal Gear Solid V

In Hideo Kojima’s latest tweet, he has confirmed what the theme behind Metal Gear Solid V will be.

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NatureOfLogic2015d ago

Kojima needs to reveal that David Hayter will be va in MGSV.

vishmarx2015d ago

you people need to stop whining

Tr10wn2015d ago

yeah its way too much.... deal with it.

ZBlacktt2015d ago

Then you need to move on. People have a right to say what they think. Don't like it, click ignore.

Blacktric2015d ago

Try not to cut yourself over all that edge.

Gratisfaction2015d ago

Give Kiefer a chance...

I believe that he will still portray the character that we love so much.

Besides, even I think (and the majority of the MGS fanbase) that Hayter is still in the game. Remember in the six-minute trailer in the beginning where Miller asks how "he" is during Big Boss' operation? He saids to the doctors and nurses "What about him?"

I think that Miller is referring to Big Boss' clone.
Solid Snake

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KillrateOmega2015d ago

This game. In my hands ASAP.

This needs to happen.

ZBlacktt2015d ago

Watch_Dogs is looking damn epic!

hot4play2015d ago

Disagree with some MGS fans opinions.

I've been a fan since playing the Japanese version of MGS1 on PS1 and I can say that I respect Kojima's decision to cast Sutherland as Snake. You guys want him to stay and direct the Metal Gear series, you let him direct according to his vision.

Some fans' expectations are unreasonable. Kojima already made MGS3 as a fan "homage" to MGS1 (story structure, character parallels). He also made MGS4's story with lots of fan service in mind already (Rex vs Ray, ninja Raiden, final battle, Big Boss appearing).

Let him do his own thing. There has to be a reason Hayter (i love him as Snake) wasn't chosen to play Big Boss. Maybe he isn't as "nuanced" or "subtle" as Sutherland. Or the way Hayter's face contorts when he does VO doesn't fit in with the new motion capture technology needed for the animation....

All I'm saying -- Give the game a chance. We haven't even seen a lot of it yet. What if it moves the series forward in terms of gameplay? Technology? Storytelling? As MGS fans you still won't play it because of the change in voice overs? C'mon........

MajorLazer2015d ago

Day one buy, especially when MGS4 is the game of the generation for me and my expectation being MGSV will be better

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