Why Microsoft was reasonable with the Xbox One & Sony will follow suit

StickSkills: "If you’re clicking into this article, chances are you’re in one of two groups: those who are ready to crucify Microsoft, and those who just want people to give it a chance. I happen to fall into the latter category, but that has nothing to do with why this article is being written. Instead, I’m hoping to address those of you who simply refuse to acknowledge how reasonable some of Microsoft’s Xbox One implementations were, and how Sony will soon have to follow suit."

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DaThreats2017d ago

Na, only thing similar is with used games but it's only for publishers to decide with their servers.

jujubee882017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Also, it's always good when the author thinks so little of the reader that he/she wants to generalize their view points (when really they need to respect the fact they might be more diverse and the author his/herself are just being a d*ck).

Again, this is all lol

HammadTheBeast2017d ago

Also, just to make something clear.

The DRM concept is entirely possible on all consoles. However, Xbox One is the first to make it mandatory for publishers. PS4 has it optionally.

NewMonday2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Giantbomb says EA, Ubisoft & Activision are the ones pushing for used games DRM, and they will most likely uses something similar on the PS4.

so it's time to get personal with these publishers.

Cupid_Viper_32017d ago


I was starting to get a bit worried when it took this long to find an article linking Sony into MS's bullsh!t.

It's really the only time those guys want to give Sony any credits.

Ask them if the PS3 is more powerful then the 360? Nope
Ask them if PS3 games look better? Nope
Ask them if PSN is better than Live? Nope

But ask them if the PS4 will f*ck people over like the Xbox One? "oh for sure, they're practically doing the same thing."


dedicatedtogamers2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Yeah, the damage control is in full-force with the media now.

Sony has already confirmed on multiple occasions that PS4 plays offline with no internet connection whatsoever.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has confirmed that without an internet connection every 24-hours, you will not be able to play games on your system, even if you went to the store and bought a physical copy.

People keep saying "Sony will follow suit" as if it makes it allllll better. Stop living in the "cloud" and focus on the topic: Xbox One is trying to kill your consumer rights. Whether Sony will follow suit or not is another topic (we already know PS4 and XBox One will be different in the sense that Xbox One requires online, but PS4 does not).

@ below

It's still up in the air, but the PS4's lack of an online requirement is KEY. A used-game block is impossible - literally, impopssible - to enforce without the internet. Even activation keys need to use the internet. Granted, I fully expect Sony to cotinue with Season Passes, online passes, and stuff like that. However, how could they block a used game if games can be played offline? It doesn't add up.

Godmars2902017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

As far as used games are concerned they're likely going to have to, but without always online not certain how they can do it exactly like MS.

If its being left up to publishers its likely only going to apply to online required games.

Also most of the real issues with XB1 are with game/system collectors. Once server access is shut down you no longer have a console with XB1. Nevermind all the cloud based games.

zebramocha2017d ago

@dedicated I think ms confirmed that you could game 24 hours day only requiring update and patches but if you game on a friends console with your account it will be always on line.

shadow27972017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Sony will need to do some form of DRM because they've said games will install to the HDD just like the Xbox One. My guess is that Sony will require having the disc in the drive to play the game. So no "share with 10 family members from any console" and you won't be able to play games via "the cloud". However, you'll be able to do exactly the same thing you've been able to do every other generation (lend, sell, rent).

MS wants to go disc-less, but that comes with compromises. I have a feeling Sony will be more conservative and just require a disc for their DRM.

That's just a (hopeful) guess though.

Omegasyde2017d ago

I feelbad for gamers, that can't afford every new game. Now little Johny won't be able to trade games with his friend.

Let alone Ebay and Gamestop profits will sink like a mutha.

MikeMyers2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )


"Yeah, the damage control is in full-force with the media now."

That's interesting, just earlier you said the Xbox One won't allow used games. What's next, Europeans won't be able to play because it only supports one voltage?


"Yes, the console needs to connect to the Internet at least once every 24 hours, and you have a right to be upset about that. But if you stop and think, how often are you actually without one? Chances are, not often."

But it's the principle. Who cares if we are on N4G all day long whining while being connected, it's the principle right?

Today we finally got real information and it's not nearly as bad as some had predicted and in some cases had hoped. I expect many of these same publishers to do the same sort of thing on the PS4. Then those who hate the Xbox One will buy those games and justify it by telling everyone that at least they don't have to be connected and that Sony isn't doing it on their games even though they have online passes already on the PS3.

"Also most of the real issues with XB1 are with game/system collectors."

Now that all games are day of release there is now no worries about games selling out. I had a tough time getting Demon Souls on the PS3 and I think all PS4 games as well will be day one on the store.

Godmars2902017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )


Talking about collectors in general. While $5 DL games wont be hard to find or cost $100 off of ebay, once the server holding the actual backup is gone and your original console dies, that's it. Even with a replacement system you'll have no way of getting the game back. And Even with a physical copy you wont be able to play anything on Xb1.

And its foolish to think that come the console's launch day, someone with no internet whatsoever is going to buy one. Just as there are going to be people who either don't have cable, and HDMI enabled cable box, or even an HDMI enabled HDTV.

Yes, anyone arguing all that on NG4 likely isn't going to have to worry about much of that - I mean, my cable box isn't HDMI - if you are trying to argue in favor of general success for MS and not recognizing those points, only your own inconsiderate view, you probably shouldn't be arguing. At least from a general viewpoint.

MikeMyers2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )


That's the reality we will live in but, and I say a big but, this is all software based. They probably could make those games playable offline, even after 24 hours. So maybe, just maybe when the Xbox Two comes out and the Xbox One is no longer supported they will allow an offline mode.

The reality is PC gamers have gone through this for years. I have already thought about all the purchases I made on Xbox Live and Playstation Network. What's going to happen to all of those games?

"And its foolish to think that come the console's launch day, someone with no internet whatsoever is going to buy one. Just as there are going to be people who either don't have cable, and HDMI enabled cable box, or even an HDMI enabled HDTV."

Just like when Xbox Live came out there comes a time where you need to take that next level. That required a broadband connection while most that had a connection were on dial-up. Netflix does well does it not and it streams video. So not only does it require a connection but uses a lot of data. They have millions. The biggest selling franchise on the PS3 and Xbox 360 was Call of Duty, which most people play online. Diablo III sold over 10 million copies on a platform plagued by piracy that only sees those types of numbers for MMO games like WoW. Speaking of WoW, how many played that game? You want to tell me this whole fear-mongering people don't have access is going to matter?

It's a chance MS is willing to take and with so many games now with an online component chances are the market is ready. EA already announced half of their sales now are digital.

"I mean, my cable box isn't HDMI - if you are trying to argue in favor of general success for MS and not recognizing those points, only your own inconsiderate view, you probably shouldn't be arguing. At least from a general viewpoint."

There's no need for me to argue, I only care for myself and not only do I have a connection but I far exceed the minimum requirements for speed. It's all gravy. I can't recall my internet ever going down for a day. Not in the years I've lived where I do now. Sorry to not see you online and I hope one day you'll get with the times, my cable box has a HDMI and component output.

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OlgerO2016d ago

I welcome these new measures, It will ultimately lead to some great deals on the playstation network

GribbleGrunger2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

There's spinning and then there's SPINNING. This makes it sound like this was Sony's problem but now MS could force them to change their policy. Can we stop trying to drag Sony into the mess that MS have created. I've got to say though, this is going to make E3 the most entertaining gaming event we've ever seen. I can't wait to see the drama unfold!

Belking2017d ago

Sony is gonna have their own DRM too. You guys are so naive. Publishers are the main ones supporting this. Yes sony is too. They are just too chicken to say it.

Transporter472017d ago

You know i saw the PS4 reveal and to me they aren't going to block used games, if anything the only thing that i can think of are online passes. You can't put drm on a console that can be played offline since day 1 without having to go online ever.

ziggurcat2017d ago

no they won't. being able to play completely offline with the PS4 throws a massive wrench into your flawed argument.

SexyGamerDude2017d ago

Belking just keeps trolling.

Go back under your bridge.

SpinalRemains2017d ago

Link or Lie.

Sour grapes if I've ever seen them.

Rather than abandon the company that abandoned your best interests, you actually pray and hope and cling to the notion that PS4 is going to rape its base the way MS has.

That's really sad ya know. You have an opportunity to move your purchasing choice to suit your gaming needs, because you're gaming needs are obviously not based o restrictions, yet you fold your arms and pout that Sony must do it too.


kneon2017d ago

No they are not. The PS4 does not require an internet connection EVER so they can't do mandatory DRM. But as Sony have said, if a publisher wants to add DRM they are free to do so.

Anon19742017d ago

The whole "never have to take the PS4 online if you don't want to" that has been confirmed by Sony flies in the face of Sony having similarly restrictive DRM. If you don't have to take games online to play, they can't be saved to your profile so how on earth could they track and restrict who you lend your purchase to.

And that's the thing I have most issue with, that fact that if I'm being told that if I buy a game and want to lend it to a friend, I can't do that. Microsoft flat out stated that at launch, it just won't be possible. And the connect once a day thing sounds like just a keg of powder waiting for one enterprising hacker to find a flaw and bring the whole damn thing down so no one can play their damned games if Microsoft doesn't crash the service first.

Why would anyone put themselves in that kind of position when there's other options?

Omegasyde2017d ago

Nah - I bet online passes are here to stay. Now EA on the other hand will nickel and dime you.

tiffac0082017d ago

^ Well right now online pass seems to be a better deal because its less intrusive and gives me an option to not pay for something that has already been payed for because I'm borrowing or lending a game from a friend when I just want to play the offline mode.

Being able to only loan a game ONCE is also something I am not down with.

Honestly, I don't like where the industry is headed and I'm not sure the need to justify such anti-consumer actions.

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DragonKnight2017d ago

@Gribble: I was going to say the same thing. MS is just mimicking what Sony already said in February.

@Belking: Nope, they won't. They've already said they are leaving the issue of used games up to the publishers. And before you even go to "the console must already have the ability to implement these procedures," no you're wrong. An internet connection is all that's needed to stop used games and the PS4 won't require one to work, and it won't even require the 24 hour check in that the Xbox One does.

GribbleGrunger2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

It's as if Xbox fans are ok with this as long as PS fans suffer too. Extraordinary! Welcome to the perverse world of the corporate minded drones. I couldn't read everything you wrote because my browser was scanning for 'Text on'.

@Belking: I've already said in another article that if Sony do the exact same thing I'm OUT. Just wondering though ... how are Sony going to sell to the emerging markets their establishing IF those emerging markets have no online infrastructure?

Belking2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

"They've already said they are leaving the issue of used games up to the publishers."

And you think publishers will just do it one console and not the other. You guys are so

tuglu_pati2017d ago

I have to agree with Belking, lets say you guys are correct and on PS4 is going to be up to the publisher. What do you think publishers will do. Its common sense, they will do the same on PS4.

DragonKnight2017d ago

How are they going to do the same when the PS4 DOES NOT require any online whatsoever to play games? The Xbox One has a 24 hour check in to enforce this DRM, the PS4 will not have that at all so how will it be enforced?

tuglu_pati2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )


have it your way, if denial is what you want. This is the way of the future for gaming, either you re in or out.

Sony said it its up to publishers, believe me they will find a way.


I answered your question. "The will find a way".

DragonKnight2017d ago

@tuglu_pati: Lmao, so rather than answer the question you choose to be a corporate shill? Nice. Please stop gaming now if you're going to contribute to its death.

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S2Killinit2017d ago

I'm not clicking on this. Anti-consumer policies, no thank you. I rather keep my rights than lesson to why MS is so reasonable. If they want to be reasonable, let them go be reasonable with the retailers and developers, leave our rights intact.

greenpowerz2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Well checking out the rest of the web it seems most people are mostly relieved and understand what's being offered and the politics of one company protecting developer products. Only here on N4G are people making noise like most of the bad stuff was not debunked. Hell I'm being attacked for pointing this out what this article is trying to say which is common sense. MSFT would get exclusives by default especially from normal to small size studios with what MSFT announced and the lack of it from Sony.

Like kotaku said a BAD DAY for XBOX and possibly the greatest PR move in history.


teh disagrees LMAO.

Disagree with the people talking about this and not just me. What I'm saying is being said all over the web.

"You’re downright crazy if you think the folks at Sony don’t have to come up with a similar plan soon. If they don’t, publishers will have their way and flock to Microsoft’s Xbox One as it allows them to cut losses and maximize revenue. In the end, that’s what most of this is all about: money, not customer satisfaction. And if Sony wants to win the console war and the money that comes with it, the company is going to have to step on its users’ toes."

SexyGamerDude2017d ago

I was just on forums and people still don't like what they're hearing about the One. Its not just N4g.

Salooh2017d ago

Youtube/VG247/NeoGAF/Gametrail ers..etc don't accept it too..

Omegasyde2017d ago

All this "contempt" will lead to mass modding of consoles.

My magic eightball says Xbox1 will be hacked in less than a year. Someone, will figure out how to use a proxy, then clone the MAC address of the console, and tell the MS server - nothing new has happened.

MS then will try and combat this technique via patches and hackers will continue to circumvent. The only way around this is by storing save games strictly on cloud servers.

However THEN you have to have a constant internet connection...via "always on" polices.

a_bro2017d ago

you sound worse than the shill accounts that just got banned from neogaf....

SpinalRemains2017d ago

The web is in disarray over these rules.

Don't know what you've been reading, but everything about the new Xbox is badong.

From weaker hardware to faulty setup with ESRAM which requires underclocking of the gpu, to needing online and not being able to rent at all or trade freely. Its a complete turf of a gaming console, but hey, it lets you watch your tv.

Anyone supporting this machine is a sucker.

Omegasyde2017d ago

I gotta a feeling...Renting game will be strictly digital i.e. sorta how PS+ works and software has an expiration date.

ThatCanadianGuy5142017d ago

I wonder if MS gets a discount if they buy them by the half dozen?

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Cueil2017d ago

This is fine by me... at worst I turn the wifi on my phone on and use that for the check if my ISP is down for any length of time

sashimi2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I have a friend who plays off their wifi from their But i use internet wifi for my smartphone cause cell plans are a ripoff :P

EDIT: I have T-Mobile but since i live new york, i just have wifi hotspots whenever i really need it so i don't feel the need to pay for it, my cable provider also includes tons of wifi hotspots.

Cueil2017d ago

>_> .... T-Mobile .... just saying

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