Will We Ever See Nintendo Games on Android?

Wondering when you will finally get to see your favorite Nintendo franchises on Android? GameWoof has the answer for you, but it might not be the news you are looking for.

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zeal0us1777d ago

Some are already on Android thanks to emulators. Soon as Android gets the hardware to fully run Dolphin every Nintendo console/handheld and game up till the Wii will be available(excluding the 3DS) on Android(through emulation of course).

guitarded771776d ago

That's what I was thinking. As for official releases from Nintendo, I really doubt it in the near future. Nintendo uses their first party software to sell their hardware, and they see 3DS as their mobile device.

imXify1776d ago

Dolphin ? This requires a sh*t ton of cpu power. My first gen i7 can't even handle it well.

zeal0us1776d ago

What type of GPU do you have? That could be the problem possibly.

IanDeMartino1777d ago

Yeah, the article talks about that.

SonyPS41776d ago

Unless Nintendo is out of the hardware business that will not happen (officially). I doubt they'll bother with a PS Mobile kind of thing when their 3DS is selling like hot cookies.

TongkatAli1776d ago

Yeah, roms and for free.

MikeyDucati11776d ago


Emulators?? With use of a PS3 controller? Yes, it is possible. And even better if you do it on a S3...

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The story is too old to be commented.