Destiny: Everything We Know So Far

IGN - Before we learn more at E3 we wanted to take another look at every single detail that had been revealed about Bungie's Destiny.

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S2Killinit1965d ago

WOW nice. Bungi sure do have a lot of imagination. I'm so glad that I can enjoy their games from now on. (well, I mean from when I buy a PS4 because this game, I want to play on the next generation)

rela82me1964d ago

It makes me wonder if they hadn't made it for current-gen, how much better could it have been?

regardless, it looks to be shaping up to be quite the game. The video itself was also very informative, I hadn't noted some of the things they said, and I have actively been keeping up with the stuff.

S2Killinit1963d ago

I like to think that its made from the ground up for the PS4 because, well, I think Bungi wants to make sure that they hit hard with this new IP, but they can't afford not to release it for current gen consoles, so they are doing both. Just wishful thinking, but it also makes sense doesn't it? I hope so.

rela82me1963d ago

Yeah, they said somewhere they spent the last couple years working on this game, and the xbox one and ps4 have been in development in less time than the consoles. So I can understand them running on current-gen, just wished the timing was a bit more convenient. All in all, I just hope that it didn't hold anything back from what Destiny is and could be.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1965d ago

I had no idea all that stuff was revealed so far. Game is deep.

S2Killinit1963d ago

The first actual gameplay reveal will be at the Sony conference on June 10 (: can't wait.

DFresh1965d ago

This and Knack will be the first games I buy on PS4 at launch.

poopsack1965d ago

If only, Its not a launch game :((((((

Enemy1965d ago

Can't wait to see them at the Sony conference.

SonyAddict1965d ago

I see epic future ahead!.

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