The Daily Five: Ways Microsoft is Still Screwing You With Xbox One

Stealthy Box writes "Today Microsoft finally clarified a lot of things when it comes to connectivity, privacy, and licensing. And, while it’s great that they’ve finally decided to clear some things up in the wake of their major cluster #@$% that they created on May 21st, the reality of the situation is that they’re still screwing over gamers in each possible way."

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I_am_Batman1993d ago

I really try to stay open minded but MS is making it hard for me not to hate them right now. I'll give them the opportunity to get rid of all this drm, online and kinect always listens crap until launch. If that doesn't happen I don't even care about the games. If MS wants to say f**k you to the gamers it's their decision but someone has to remind them that this also goes the other way. You reap what you sow MS. You reap what you sow.

Automatic791993d ago

Don't get caught up with these flame bait articles. If you like MS then purchase it don't be a follower be a leader. Right now they have an excellent system. The games are coming, excellent online and the system is intergrated with all windows devices and this is just phase one. Imagine in a few years.

Gamer-Z1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )


How is it flaimbait when these things have been confirmed by MS themselves. Also i find ironic that you are telling him not to be a sheep by listening to other people but yet you are telling him to go out and buy something that he himself does not want.

cyguration1993d ago

Wow, the PR spin in this post is unbelievable.

Dude, it's SOPA in a box. WTF is wrong with people?

It's anti-consumer.

When the servers shut down YOU LOSE ALL YOUR GAMES. PERIOD.

SpinalRemains1993d ago

Flame bait?

The machine says screw you to everyone.

What a joke that you not only find these rules to be acceptable, but you insult anyone who questions them. You're supporting the death of freedom. The death of gaming how you like.

PANTHER10301993d ago

Sure an excelent system with old DDR3 memories and not removable HDD 500GB. If you can't get connected every 24 hours, then you cant be able to play games, but you can watch movies and tv :(

KrisButtar1993d ago

I like Microsoft, yet if I buy this new system after 24 hours it won't work because my home(house) is located where there is no online service providers. It doesn't matter if I want to lead or follow, its about getting a system that works

Narutone661993d ago

@MichaelLito79 try harder, you sounds like a noob shill, take a page from GreenPowerz, at least he is funny sometimes.

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Insomnia_841993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

They just keep screwing things up!

S2Killinit1993d ago

I'm just worried that this whole spy camera thing will become a norm. If consumers don't speak up about this kind of stuff we will get overrun by intrusive attempts to gather information from us even in our homes. This is going too far.

PS: is this article for real?? I though they were just going to include a fee for "reactivating" a used game, essentially making you pay twice, once when you purchase a used game, plus Microsoft fees to reactivate. (which is BS, but then this? i doubt its correct because if it is... wow)

Software_Lover1993d ago

Your cell phone cameras, tablet cameras, are already spying on you. It's in the TOS of some of these devices and their Operating systems.

S2Killinit1993d ago

And I think that is a problem as well. The thing is we gotta put our foot down somewhere, otherwise cellphones in your ears are next and bar codes on our skin will follow shortly. The thing with the kinect is that it is specifically embedded with technology that is inherently designed to gather information from you in your house. That is going too far in my opinion.

I_am_Batman1993d ago

The difference is that all Xboxes are connected to the same network.

a_bro1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

the wii U sounds really good right now.... I rather give nintendo time to get their games out...

im gonna park that little sucker right next to my PS4...that is if sony doesnt do the same thing as the XB1....

Software_Lover1993d ago

It's hacked now, I might pick one up lol.

younglj011993d ago

judgement day will be Monday hopefully MS bring their A++++++++ game because they going too need it........

Automatic791993d ago

I agree and have faith. Also there show is said to be all about games.

punisher991993d ago

lol The xbox 1 is a joke. I have not seen microsoft in this much disarray in years. This situation is just a flat out mess.

RandomDude6551993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I think they thought people would actually like it....

lol what a disaster

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