Xbox One's used game policies to lie with publishers

EuroGamer - After lots of confusion, Microsoft has finally outlined how it will deal with the used games issue... mostly.

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kennyg37391991d ago

Didn't Sony say the same thing?

Nitrowolf21991d ago

They haven't said anything yet, and I really hope they don't follow this path. People sit there and tell me "oh but developers deserve every ounce of money from used games, it's not fair for them"

Look car manaufactures, clothing stores, ect ect. No place does this, not even movies.

I trade my games in to buy new games. I loan my games out to friends because I want to.

zeal0us1991d ago

Companies' profits are down and they blame used game market and piracy. When instead they should be blaming themselves for bastardizing games with terrible MP, ridiculous dlc practices, terrible story and etc. Oh but no they can't do that because then they would be blaming themselves.

cyguration1991d ago

Sony said they wouldn't ban used games and that it would be up to the publishers.

They mentioned this back in February and reiterated it once again to let everyone know they WOULD NOT be doing what Microsoft is doing with their DRM.

mega311991d ago

Your car manufacturers thing is nothing, most car manufacturers get their cash from SERVICE, they could care less about used cars, in fact they want it, because used cars have problems and if they have problems they have to go to service, and they charge 500 dollars or what not to fix this and that.

500 for each person and a lot of people per day, they make the cost back on that used car that was sold. The used car argument is not valid.

Used games are different. They NEED MONEY for their next project and used games doesn't help them at all.

DragonKnight1991d ago

"They haven't said anything yet, and I really hope they don't follow this path."

Actually they have. They said it in February. PS4. NO online requirement. NO mandatory camera. Disc based used games will work on every PS4 even if used. Online registration (i.e. online passes) will be left up to publishers. Microsoft are the ones that came at the issue with things like fees and "participating retailers" and such. Not Sony.

jaymart2k1991d ago

When someone buys a used car, should that car makers get money for it?

No & those rules should apply here too.

MikeMyers1991d ago


"Look car manaufactures, clothing stores, ect ect"

You really think a car manufacturer will allow a dealership to sell a new car to someone, have them return it in 30 days and then allow the dealership to sell it again but keep all the revenue while the car manufacturer gets nothing? Do you think Levi jeans will allow retailers to sell their clothes while Levi jeans on the other side of the store, that are new just the tag removed, and of those sales none of it goes back to them? They would pull their clothes.

Even the Government gets revenue on used items by taxing them again.

The other problem using a car as an example is used cars depreciate. People will pay more for a new car. When you have a store like Gamestop selling used games for $5 cheaper and pushing them to the consumer while telling them they are just like new the customer doesn't care that much. The experience is the same but that revenue does not go to the game developer. So you have all of these people repeating the same experiences while only paying once. It's like you going to see a movie, and giving your ticket to a person in line so they don't have to pay. Does Disneyland allow you to have a wristband and buy a day pass then allow you to leave mid-day and pass it on to another person waiting to pay at the cashier? Why not, you paid for the day? Parking meters do the same thing, you can park all day for a set price but leave in a few hours and the next car has to pay again.

That's how a business should be run to maximize profits, by eliminating the middleman. Why is it ok for Gamestop to make money off used games hut not the publishers?

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NatureOfLogic1991d ago

MS: Let's copy what the competition says because we're clueless.

SexyGamerDude1991d ago

They haven't said anything about used game fees.

ziggurcat1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

they did say that it would be up to the publishers, but seeing as how you can use the PS4 completely offline with no check-in required, you can probably bank on being allowed to lend your games to your buddies (even if they aren't on your friends list) however many times you want, rent games, and a lot of other things the xbone won't allow you to do.

@ sexygamerdude: wrong, they've said from the very beginning that anything used-game related would be up to the publishers. they're also well aware of the backlash MS got just from harrison opening his fat mouth, so i doubt they'll implement any policy like that.

CynicalKelly1991d ago

Yeah, they said that the DRM will be there but will be optional for publishers to decide if they want to use it or not.

So we should all turn out focus to the publishers and let them know that this type of stuff won't stand.

LackTrue4K1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

why did you have to drag Sony into this?!?!?
Microsoft made this mess them self's....

Dee_911991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

This doesnt make sense.I thought that since games are installed on the hard drive and linked to a profile was the reason you had to pay a fee to have it transferred to another [email protected] Since there is no mandatory install nor games linked to a console for the PS4 there shouldnt be a transfer fee because theres nothing to transfer from and to.So no Sony didnt say the same thing.
I think MSFT changed their minds.Because if it was like this from the beginning you would be able to do this from launch..
Okay read the article it appears they changed their minds about mandatory installs I think.
"Unfortunately, Microsoft admitted that loaning and renting games won't be available at launch, but it's "exploring the possibilities with our partners.""
And now they are doing it the same way PS4 does it.Its just that MSFT arent actually saying that they changed how it works, they are just going to pretend like it was like this from the beginning.
So in a way #XBoneNODRM WORKED!..I think....sorta.. not really...too confusing.. im just gonna stay away from it when it release and see whats what, because I doubt they go any further at e3.

I dont know why people keep throwing PS4 in there.You dont even have to connect to the internet with the PS4 so any form of DRM on the ps4 will be from the publishers like online pass and Online based games.Nothing like the always online mess with the XBOne

Darrius Cole1991d ago

They are not doing it like the PS4. The Xbone will have online registration, and that changes everything. The PS4 will handle games like the PSA3 does it. The Xbone will have DRM that can turn off off your games or start to charge fees at anytime.

Dee_911991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Your right I should edit that but its too late.And now after re-reading the other article I can see they didnt change their minds.
" Xbox One is designed so game publishers can enable you to give your disc-based games to your friends. There are no fees charged as part of these transfers. "
So it can either be free, a fee (according to what was just stated in this article) or they wont allow you to transfer at all.Man these sly dogs sure know how to play with wording lol.And they are still giving mixed explanations as a result..

givemeshelter1991d ago

Sony did say this....

"While in past interviews he stated the PS4 will not block used games, he teased the tech to do so does exist in the console itself. The feature would be entirely optional and left up to individual publishers to decide if they want to use it for their games. He also teased Sony would not be using this feature for any game they develop on the PS4."

If you leave it up to publishers you can bet the farm they will...well you know. The good news is Sony made games won't do this...Hopefully

OlgerO1991d ago

People just try to imagine what would happen if Sony did not follow microsoft with this new policy. Their console would be much less appealing to publishers, and they would miss out on a lot of games. They will have to at least put some measures in place on the PS4.

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Kingthrash3601991d ago

wow now I need permission to trade/sale/play the game I BOUGHT WITH MY HARD EARNED CASH!.....and what if I live in an area with no internet? I cant play then? I read their explanation and it also says anyone can play your games on your console....well thanks dad...I mean MS. theres just too many rules for stuff im paying thank you...ill wait for ps4 and what they have to say...they've already said no online needed to play it so ive already threw my wallet at them lol....xflop one has failed us.

Qrphe1991d ago

I know for a fact I will not be supporting games that implement anti-consumer measures just on principle.

kwyjibo1991d ago

Why else do you think EA retired the online pass?

rytlok1991d ago Show
Salooh1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )


To play used games you will have to:

- Turn Kinect on
- Do a little dance
- Make a little love
- Get down tonight

All while wearing the correct coloured underwear.

Darrius Cole1991d ago

Right on all but one. You don't have to turn it on, because it's always on. And always it is listening.

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