Xbox One Kinect Privacy Concerns? Turn It Off.

Kotaku - Responding to worries that an always-on Kinect sensor recording camera and audio information would be a threat to user privacy, Microsoft offers a simple solution: the ability to turn the Kinect off.

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dedicatedtogamers2015d ago

I'm sorry, Kotaku, but I'm going to have to disagree:

(confirmation that Microsoft is currently - and has been in the past - allowing the NSA to mine audio, video, pictures, text, and log-in details from Microsoft's servers)

zeal0us2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Get a bucket of cement and throw the Kinect sensor in it, problem solved /jk.

All jokes put aside Microsoft should just offer two retailer this winter. Ones with kinect and ones without kinect. Its quite silly of MS to assume everyone wants a Kinect sensor with their system, even if it is free.

dedicatedtogamers2015d ago

But then how will I say "Xbox, go home"?

UNGR2015d ago

The usual nut job with the tin foil hat. Your cell phone provider, all of the websites you have accounts on (including N4G, guaranteed) all of the bills you pay, services you subscribe to (Game Informer) search engines, ISP's, hell if you pre-order games at GameStop. All of these monitor what you look at and sell information. But all of the sudden the world is ending because Microsoft is gathering (harmless, easy to find) data most likely to spam "appropriate" ads on the dashboard. IE you like pizza, you get Pizza Hut ads. If you really think the NSA, FBI, CIA, or anybody else really cares about your personal life, you're nuts. They do this for the sole purpose of spamming emails, soliciting telephone calls, and putting ads up on the internet. No gamer is so interesting that they would want a 24/7 live feed of said person. Not to mention the thing can most likely be turned off, and when in stand by (if left plugged in) the only working portion in Kinect would be the voice recognition system. If the camera was active you could sue Microsoft simply because you would have to sign a contract for them to have permission to look in your house whenever they want. DTD do you think the Illuminati runs the world too?
You live in a world surrounded by cameras and microphones, but the Kinect is the deal breaker? The device that would be breaking 5+ laws, and smothering human rights if it did what you think it does? This crackpot conspiracy crap is insane. Just because Kinect ships with every console doesn't mean it has to be plugged in all of the time. "In the Times article, I reported that Microsoft says the Kinect can be turned off. The entire console can be powered down." Quote from a Microsoft employee.

dcbronco2015d ago

The fact that there are idiots still talking this Kinect spying nonsense shows how dumb and uniformed some of these people are. It's been all over the news all week that the NSA makes all of the phone companies turn over information everyday and these idiots are worried about Kinect. If the Founding Fathers had known how stupid most Americans would turn out to be they would have never picked up a gun.

Cueil2015d ago

so you probably shouldn't be making a bomb or planing your next torrist attack around... your cell phone... your Kinect... your land line... your door... a window... anything else that can conduct sound...

3-4-52014d ago

What happens to the users who place tape over it ?

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Robtherobot20132015d ago

Turn it off? As an Xbox fan, That's not good enough. I want the ability to NEVER plug it into my Xbox One. I don't play Kinect games and I don't need a Kinect to turn on/off my console or go through stuff.

Tyre2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Well said. That's the whole point. Kinect should be optional HARDWARE disconnected. It will be in a slumber low power state...who's to say it isn't recording despite you 'low level' authority SOFTWARE settings. Those settings don't mean shit! It still could be doing all sorts of despite your settings cause it is always connected. Some dudes just need glasses and sober up. Just today this was announced http://www.washingtonpost.c... where's your tin foiled head argument now? Some people are too trustworthy. Upgrade your stiff brain matter Dcbronco & Cueil! We're all subjected to the real paranoid government officials. This datamining should be illegal but here you have it right in front of our noses and you two are still playing the fool. The proof that companies DO GIVE Governments their privacy sensitive data!Imagine what they could do with Kinect's voice & face & 3D object scanning will be a dream for Companies & Governments.

greenpowerz2015d ago

Turn it off? No way! you mean like the first one in the settings menu!

Recycle your tinfoil hats here____

SexyGamerDude2015d ago

I doubt it powers all the way down or else they would let me unplug it.

UNGR2015d ago

"In the Times article, I reported that Microsoft says the Kinect can be turned off. The entire console can be powered down." Straight from Microsoft Alex Jones, you can take the tinfoil hat off now.

ThatCanadianGuy5142015d ago

Unless utilizing a game or feature that requires the sensor,(basically everything) Kinect can be paused. When not using your Xbox One(keywords when not using your xbox), it can be turned off with a simple "Xbox Off" voice command. In off mode, the system listens for "Xbox On

But it's powered down, not completely off.And it's still listening.


CynicalKelly2015d ago

I know they really want to push Kinect 2.0 but it really should not be bundled with the console or required to be connected.

I think it's fine as a feature but it should be optional and forcing people who won't use it to purchase it with the console is just raising the price ):

Perjoss2015d ago

You miss the point, the fact that it's bundled with the console will encourage devs to implement its use into their games. I just hope they will use it in much more creative ways then its been used so far. There is a lot of potential, anyone who does not think so just lacks imagination.

CynicalKelly2015d ago

Yeah, it opens up every game as a potential kinect game and that is something anybody considering buying the Xbox should get angry about so they realize this. I don't mind kinect games but I don't want kinect invading the more serious of games.

Keep Kinect Optional.

SexyGamerDude2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

You're right. I do hope developers put more creativity in it.

If they have an interactive, x-rated, A for Adults, kinect game I might consider buying.

VersaVulture892015d ago

Well Kinect isn't NEEDED for all games. Take Ryse for instance. It was a kinect game on the 360. Kinect ONLY. Now on the Xbox One, it's a controller based game enhanced by Kinect. It doesn't mean you need it... it's just capable of using Kinect.

CynicalKelly2015d ago

And hopefully it stays that way. I am fine with having kinect games and kinect support in games but I just don't want it to be required, it's a fear that seems plausible if kinect comes with every console because it's a option to every developer.

Just keep it out of games like Gears of War, Battlefield, and Halo.

VersaVulture892015d ago

I agree with you. We'll see for sure at E3, but i think a lot of their games will be controller based, but will have the option for Kinect if a player chooses to. If that's the case... I'm okay with it.

I'm a fan of games so I'll be getting both consoles, but this is what I think that Microsoft will be doing with Kinect and their games.

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