The Xbox One Just Had A Very Bad Day

Kotaku - In two weeks' time, we may look on this as one of the smartest PR moves of all time. But for now? It's been a bad day for Microsoft.

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-Mezzo-1957d ago

Xbox One really haven't had a good day since May 21st.

Relientk771957d ago

Agree, everything I keep hearing about it is bad

the console is so anti-consumer it is ridiclous

Nitrowolf21957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Ug I was really really hoping these rumors were fake.

Seriously MS better hope that Sony F's up, because this just sealed the deal for me. I never owned a xbox console, but I was still hoping for something to come out of it that wasn't negative.

Skips1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

24 hour check in for essentially drm or NO SINGLEPLAYER GAMES.

Microsoft to US forces overseas...

"Sorry soldiers defending us... but"

Ausbo1957d ago

They made it anti-consumer but pro-publisher and pro-developer

Lets not forget that sony has said they will also give publishers the choice on used games just like microsoft.

C-Thunder1957d ago

@Ausbo, not just like Microsoft. Sony already confirmed the system requires NO Internet connection. If a dev wants to implement this on PS4, they'd have to require the game be online only and there'd have to support the drm on their own. Microsoft built it into the system. Big difference.

kneon1957d ago


Except Sony's approach is from the other direction. Microsoft has mandatory DRM but publishers are allowed to let you transfer/sell your license.

Sony doesn't require any DRM but will allow publishers to add it if they want to.

nix1957d ago

the saddest part would be if publishers/devs are coming out with this rules. instead of making good games so that more people buy, they're doing nothing but making average games and keeping track of how many times the discs have been exchanged. i'm sure in their server, they're seeing all the data which shows how many times the same disc was used and were probably thinking how much more money they would have earned.

if you make great games, people will talk about it. people will buy it because every gamer wants to keep a copy of a great game. people go out of their purchasing limits to buy collections.. they can surely buy a game to keep in it their library.

look at Demon's Souls for example. no one bothered about it but as soon as the game came out, the word spread and quickly became one of the best games to come out that year.. even winning GOTY from some gaming sites.

if you make excellent games, you don't have to worry about sales etc. so dear Devs just make great games and stop being so greedy.

Saigon1956d ago

From my stand point, since I haven't yet commented on any of the recent news regarding the Xbone, I think MS messed up bad. After reading the content of what they posted the item that stood out to me the most was that the features discussed or posted yesterday was not going to be available at the launch date; a later date yes but not the launch. I don't think anyone really noticed that.

To me that says 2 things one positive and another negative. The negative is the fact that they decided to include these DRM features thinking it was OK. It just makes me laugh each time I actually think about it. Seriously, just take it! Like we gamers would just except it and and move on. Again its sad that they thought it was OK. It's like we are renting the console not owning it. The positive is that at least they were listing, not much but they did take in what gamers were complaining about and addressed some of the concerns.

Another sad issue is that some die hard MS fans and some gamers are defending these tactics. Why, because some think it doesn't matter and eventually all electronics will be similar. these same individuals forgot about a lot of people in this equation. What about people in other countries and not just the US/NA or people that live in internet hell, where they can't receive any signal, or what about the individuals with shotty internet services or even low broadband values under 1.0, etc. I am a moderate hardcore gamer and I seriously can't defend these methods. What MS is doing is breaking gaming 101 code of ethics. Its just not right.

For me, even after E3, I don't think I will be getting this console, the Xbone. Whats sad is that now all of the pressure is on Sony to provide the gamers what they need and want.

Sono4211956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Sorry for turning this into such a long comment but please do read as much as you can and give me your feedback. Thanks :D

Something that isn't getting communicated enough is the fact that the Xbox one isn't doing anything new.. I mean sure putting it all in one you can consider somewhat new... but whats the point? That just adds another box to your collection.. I'm mainly talking to people who are considering buying this as an all in 1 entertainment device not primarily for gaming but anyone considering getting it for gaming this applies to you too.

For a second let's forget about all of the bad things we've been hearing so far ie the 24 hour check in drm ect.. and let's just look at what the xbox one actually does.

So it puts everything into one and adds voice control, sounds like a neat idea.. but is it worth it to go out and buy it? It simply takes everything you already have and puts it together. That doesn't sound very compelling to me.

It combines Web browsing, Watching Tv, Movies, music and gaming all into one and allows multi tasking, but how many of those are you going to want to do simultaneously? It's trying to bring all of them together but how many of them do you really want to do together? Music and gaming, Music and web browsing, and maybe even Gaming and web browsing, but all of those are something you can already do with ease just by owning a computer, laptop, ipod, mp3, tablet, or smart phone.

Besides the fact that they don't need to be combined those features aren't something i typically want to do in the living room anyways, why take up the living room TV to surf the internet when you can simply do it on so many different devices, same goes for music, i can't imagine just sitting in my room listening to music from the TV when it's so conveniently offered on so many handheld devices.

Now all that leaves that is significant that the Xbox One does is TV, Movies, and Games, but can't you already watch TV and movies just by owning a DVD player and having cable? (Also obviously a TV) Sure it adds voice command but that isn't necessary. Besides is it worth it to buy a whole new box just for voice command? Not only that but some smart TV's have it built in so there's even less of a reason to get it.

So after ruling out all these 'features' so far what other reason are we left with for getting the Xbox One? Gaming. This is where things get weird to say the least, they haven't showed many games but they said to wait until E3 and I will, but lets talk about what it's doing new for gaming.. the cloud and.... well that's about it. Although let's be honest, after it was announced that Sony bought Gaikai we knew Microsoft would jump on ship with cloud gaming as well. Now they also haven't said nearly anything about what it's going to do for gaming either.. so as of right now there is no real incentive to buy the Xbox One.

I also want everybody to remember this is without even mentioning the main 'bad' components of the Xbox One, like the 24 hour check in and if it isn't connected to the Internet basically makes your Xbox an expensive Blue-ray player, or the DRM, or having to pay for xbox live to access 90% of it's features, or the fact that the TV aspects of it will be increasingly difficult to implement in countries other than the US (One of it's main selling points)

Sono4211956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Comment part 2
Wow this was sooo long... :/

Just to wrap this up, I just can't see any real reason (At this point) to get the Xbox One, Maybe for gaming but gaming is the feature that takes the biggest hit from all of the bad components of the system, not to mention Microsoft barely even acknowledged gaming at the reveal, but even when E3 comes around.. I don't think any amount of games is going to help a flawed system, especially when they haven't exactly been making it gamer friendly.

This whole thing was without even comparing it to the PS4, when you actually put the two side by side it looks even worse.. I just can't imagine anyone actually defending it.

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showtimefolks1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Ok so now can the extreme Xbox fanboys admit how MS is at forefront of ruining our experiences

Sny all you have to do is not do any of these things and I will buy and if you do than wiiu it is

I guess living in Nola where every hurricane warning brings with it no Internet for days so I guess sitting home looking at my system will be enough, it's not like I bought it to play games and single player games hat require no Internet or servers

Qrphe1957d ago

"Ok so now can the extreme Xbox fanboys admit how MS is at forefront of ruining our experiences "

So you want the fanboys to stop being fanboys? That's not how it works

dedicatedtogamers1957d ago

Yep. It was uncertain between Adam Orth #dealwithit and May 21st, but after the reveal, the Xbone's Wild Ride has never stopped.

HebrewHammer1957d ago

When did gaming become such an anti-consumer industry? We're headed for a dark age unless Sony can pull us out.

dasbeer881957d ago

And if Sony follows the same tread?

HebrewHammer1957d ago

I might just leave console gaming.

DoctorXpro1957d ago

think im the only one o doesnt care and like new stuff

Atomicjuicer1957d ago

So the NSA have been spying on us via Facebook and google with their PRISM tech and now they want a camera in your house.

Here's the news on Ars Technica (soon to be shut down for interfering with government security probably!)


wellard1957d ago

Id say its been having a bad day ever since the original xbox and ps4 specs were leaked and touted as bad rumours. Its a bloody shame

Mounce1956d ago

Yeaaaa, they should reword the title to 'The Xbox One just had 'another' very bad day'

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Shani1957d ago

Microsoft's cards are open now.. Let's see what Sony has to say for PS4's used game policy & DRM. (Better be careful now SONY)

greenpowerz1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Nice balanced comment...

I don't think Sony will allow MSFT to enforce Pirating control that would allow developers to favor Xbox over PlayStation. Expect something very close if not the same. I think the difference here is which company had the bigger balls to come out with it and was more secure with market strength to take the major hit! because of change. I bet deals were made with developers over this for both companies

Heard a collective scream when most of the rumors were false.

-Kinect spying and can't be turned off LOL
-Xbox won't play used games LOL
-Fees to gamers for used games LOL
-Family can't use One Xbox LOL
-XBOX only uses blu ray for games and not movies LOL
-Can't lend games lol
-Can't sell used games LOL
-Can't buy used games lol
-Console won't work without being online LOL

On and On

Studio-YaMi1957d ago

You're just full of it ... aren't you ? xD

ziggurcat1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"- Can't lend games lol
- Console won't work without being online LOL"

you can't do either of those things because lending won't work if your buddy isn't on your friends list.
if you don't have an internet connection at all, you can't play any games, so it does, in fact, not work without being online. LOL

"- Fees to gamers for used games LOL"

publishers might still charge fees. the same could be said with the PS4, but since you can use the PS4 completely offline without requiring any internet connection, there's little to no chance that PS4 games will have any of that nonsense. LOL

"- XBOX only uses blu ray for games and not movies LOL "

it doesn't use blu-ray for games, it just uses it to install the games. LOL

"- Can't sell used games LOL
- Can't buy used games lol "

you can't if you don't sell or buy the game from an authorized retailer. LOL

"-Kinect spying and can't be turned off LOL"

it's not off it you've set it to off in the settings, and you can still turn the system on by saying, "xbox on."

"-Xbox won't play used games LOL"

it won't once you've given it to a friend on your friends list and he's/she's activated the game. the disc is essentially a coaster after that. LOL

on and on

JackBNimble1957d ago

Greenpowerz... why are you so willing to blindly pay a company/corporation to take your rights as a consumer away?

If MS is successful with the xbone and it's drm, they will only try to push the limits further and try to take even more rights and powers from "US" as consumers.WE as consumers are the ones who empower companies like MS when we support them.

I will not support any company who tries to take away my rights as a consumer , and that would include sony if they try this aswell.

Greenpowerz , quit being such a fanboy and realise what is really going on here!

Clarence1957d ago

Give it up Man. M$ has made a deal that takes the control out of the consumers hand.

Ever statement that you made has a stipulation behind it. It should not be like that. That 24hr check in is so M$ can make sure your playing a game that you purchase. If its not your game then you will be paying a fee.

We all knew that the Xbox would have to use bluray for games and movies. The idiot company, media, and fanboys like you claimed they wouldn't need it.

Xbox one is all out assault on the gaming community.

wellard1957d ago

It says you can turn kinect off in settings, why cant i unplug it all together, i dont trust that its off properly unless its unplugged and in the box. I DO NOT want a corporate camera in my living room. Theres no room for maneuver, MS cannot be trusted (all big corporations cannot be trusted)

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Philoctetes1957d ago

Yep. The ball is now in Sony's court. If they follow suit -- and really there is no indication that they won't -- this will take a lot of the luster off the next generation of consoles.

yesmynameissumo1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

XBox - The game console that won't let you play games offline after 24hrs. That makes total sense right? But you can still watch TV, Blu-rays or DVDs!...What?! This just boggles the mind.

KwietStorm1957d ago

The fact that they actually said that second part is just lol.. I feel like they're laughing at all of us.

gamertk4211957d ago

Haha, I knew this would end up on N4g. What happened to "Kotaku is worthless?". I guess that only applies when there isn't a negative slant on the new Xbox. Hahahahahaha! Damn Sony fans.

wellard1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Aaaaaaw damnit ms, why did you have to go and do this.

ABizzel11957d ago


This is a report on a link FROM MS. It's not a rumor, or some kind of theory. It's M$ making you their b!^@#.

Hicken1957d ago

What about every other site out there? It's funny how you apologists(can't call you fanboys, cuz even fanboys see how stupid this shit is) pick and choose when to strike.

Kotaku hasn't stopped sucking as a gaming site. They still put out a lot of crap articles. But as the saying goes, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

Besides, you act like it's an isolated thing. There are definitely far more sites than not that have the same outlook as Kotaku. It's got nothing to do with Sony fans or the draw of a "negative slant on the new Xbox."

It has everything to do with Microsoft royally screwing up.

But you go ahead. Be a sheep. Yes, sheep. Cuz that's the only excuse for people like you still wanting to support this.

Makes it easier to tell who shouldn't be allowed to have kids, though. Bad genes are no good for the species.

gamertk4211955d ago

Haha, always fun to make Hicken use his one bubble, lol

cyberninja1957d ago

Damage control in full swing...

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