Renewed FIFA Contract Gives EA No Incentive to Innovate for Next Decade

EA Sports renewed its contract with FIFA for another 10 years, which means a decade more of no competition.

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US8F1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Look at the 2013 gameplay trailer and look at the FIFA 2014 gameplay trailer and tell me the differences. That's what happens when you follow thing blindly, no innovation, just very small improvements (that can be released )on a small patch and charge 63 dollars for it.

Good read

Yi-Long1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

... EA even managed to release a BROKEN game, considering the huge amount of freezes we have to STILL suffer through when trying to play the game, which they haven't even bothered to fix that. (not to mention invisible balls/players(!) )

If that isn't a clear indication of the laziness, disregard, and disrespect EA Sports has towards it's fans/customers, then I don't know what is...

Oh wait, I do. What about releasing the exact same game as last year, only rebranding it '13', on Wii.

If PES2014 doesnt suck, I'll go with that.

The last few years FIFA has been the better game, GAMEPLAY-WISE, and also because of licenses, but they don't care at all about making the whole experience/product truly better. Instead, apart from the gameplay, it seems to get worse each year.

We still get an endless amount of loading-screens and menus to get through. We still don't have a proper player-editor for existing players. We still don't have a proper replay-theater which saves the gameplay-file, instead of a crappy video-file on low-res. We still don't get to upload our videos to a decent site like Youtube. Etc etc.

OcelotRigz1964d ago

PES try every year to innovate, while still ignoring certain flaws and also introduce new ones, but as frustrating as thow flaws can be the gameplay is still on another level to FIFA.
FIFA has all the gloss and shazam, it looks and sounds like football, but its a terrible "game", PES is the opposite, looks and sounds weird but has such, albeit flawed, deep gameplay.

stubbed_out1964d ago


I used to say the same, could'nt really explain it, there's an intangible quality about PES that was lost on me once I played FIFA 10 but maybe the majority of us will be playing this next generation.

What they should really do is introduce a ridiculously easy console modding feature, used to play this on the PC with 250 stadiums! Oh the days.

OcelotRigz1964d ago

The thing is stubbed_out, i loved PES's idea of how a soccer game should play like. They never play it safe, they're always trying to innovate. They have problems executed these concepts though and I'll be the first to admit how disappointed this generation of PES games have been, how flawed they are.
I also jumped on the FIFA bandwagon around 11 and have bought them since. But regardless, FIFA is such an overrated and shallow game. Like i said, it looks great, sounds great, even the animations are light years ahead of PES, but the gameplay is way too shallow and repetitive. The first few games always feel great, but man it gets boring and frustrating pretty quick. Not to mention the infuriating match scripting or momentum or whatever you want to call it, thats just ridiculous and annoying as hell. I was so sick of 85th minute goals.

I love and hate PES 2013, its so deep and refreshing, but also has the wooden animations, dodgy sprinting, broken lobbing and crossing.

PES is not perfect but tries every year, FIFA has reached such critical acclaim that it plays it safe every year, oh they'll say how they're adding a revolutionary feature and give it a fancy name but we all know its basically the same game with minute changes, for better or worse.

3-4-51964d ago

PES 2014 has a new engine based on Fox engine for their new PES games. They will be on current gen only for now until they scale them up in a year or so.

This means " new next gen like " features on this gen. Not quite the same but you will see as much a different in this game as Fifa.

Can't wait for both though. Love soccer games.

AllThingsShining1964d ago

One major grievance I have had with FIFA 12 and 13 is their complete lack of regard toward any evolution of the manager and be a pro modes. Both iterations I went in hoping that we would have deeper managerial experiences molded in the same cast as Football Manager but it hasn't progressed at all.

One area I hoped they'd look at in be a pro was the AI. They're simply awful. You're basically just a one man team and can't count on your teammates to make good runs into space or anything.

demonicale6661964d ago

I registered to voice my opinion on this.

Both of the first 2 comments are spot on!, unless people say "Enough is enough" and skip it one or two years till they improve the game, then they will keep releasing crap.

Drakesfortune1964d ago

its bullshit how they can monopolise the rights to all the kits of major teams etc...thats like forza or gt having all the licenses to the cars leaving the other franchise to make random names etc..

ea are just buying the rights as they know it that people like autenticity and therefore will buy there game over others therefore gettign a head start before it has even become..

i hate this..

i feel for pes...

stubbed_out1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Well said to all of the above. I find this is such a difficult (even annoying) issue to talk about; on one side FIFA 13 is still a great game, on the other; it still has the exact same bugs and issues that the last ones had.

I feel its not so much the game hasn't progressed much in the last few years...its the fact we're constantly swindled into paying more $$ for more of the same every year. On top of that there's the feeling that there's just no urgency from EA to address any one of their fans' concerns (for example the F**KING slow and cumbersome menus); the only thing they ever seem to work on is Ultimate Team.

If anything, its getting to the point where these repeated issues have stacked on top of each other year on year and users are having enough of much so that a lot of them are tempted to really give PES a good running (again).

Ultimately it comes down to this, we know we're being laughed at by EA every year and yet WE keep supporting them. I generally vote with my wallet but its nigh on impossible with this series because at its core its undeniably a good game.

From a rights perspective...this is just so short sighted from all parties involved, a ten year deal! Yes there's good money there but c'mon, help a gaming industry actually evolve through innovation and perhaps it could bring you even greater wonders down the line.
Well they've got the rights...again...and this love/hate relationship is probably going to carry on.

In love and helpless.

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