Self-Publishing is the key to Sony’s indie game success

Sony is gaining real credibility among independent developers and the main reason is how easy it is to self-publish a game on PlayStation Network across PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PS Mobile.

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ABizzel11989d ago

Congrats Sony. You've fixed all your mistakes, and making way towards being the go to console for next-gen gaming.

longcat1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

i hate seeing them in financial difficult....but without that i doubt we would see their recent efforts to please

PSN plus is the best deal in gaming i have ever seen.

One4U1989d ago

thats why im supporting companies like Sony and Nintendo ! they are doing everything to please us and thats why i support them ! MS is exactly opposite trying to get as much money out of you and with those drm bs they implemented , theres no way im supporting ms! ( i do have windows LOL )

Chapter111989d ago

Do people honestly think The Xbone will be alone in its DRM? Everyone acts like Sony is some kind of savior but they've been quiet on the issue, and since the Xbone is backed and manipulated by publishers I see no reason why the PS4 won't be the same case.

Ashunderfire861989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Sony has clearly answer the question concerning used games block and fees. Both Sony and Microsoft are leaving that to publishers. PS4 won't require a 24 hour online check, or a 30 day limit to borrow your game until it's blocked from your friend's console. I am pretty sure that Sony will continue it's free online play feature, and Playstation Plus paid feature on the PS4. PS4 will have a lot of Free to Play games online. Yes PS4 will have DRM, but Sony won't shove it down our throats like Microsoft is doing with Xbox One. Read what the Indie developers are saying about PS4 and Xbox One, you will find that many of them find PS4 to be the platform of choice. It is a developer friendly console, and a game console first. Now does that answer your question?

Karpetburnz1989d ago

This makes it so much easier for indie developers, now we can probably expect the PS4 to have the biggest games library.

STREET x KING1989d ago

all I know is that the 360 has indie games area and it is full of crap, check it out...
Is the ps4 gonna have a separate area for self-published indie games or is it all gonna be bunched together!? Honestly all the crap that gets released in the indie section is ridiculous.

Fat-Milkers1989d ago

Well done Sony. This is great. :)

NegativeCreepWA1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It didn't make a difference this gen, besides the fact MS handles all the servers allowing Indie Devs that couldn't afford servers normally, to add multiplayer to their games.

Sharius1989d ago

no, it IS different, if you can't release your game, does server matter?

many indie devs said that they have to go throught hell to get their game to XBLA

and i belive that indie game's server is a part of pubfund too

Wizziokid1989d ago

Sony and Nintendo are both treating Indie Devs with respect while MS slams the door in their face.

Grats to both

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