The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Spotted in Steam’s Database

Looks like the teasers for a project involving the Walking Dead universe TellTale created isn’t the second season, but the in-between DLC that was mentioned a few months ago.

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ThatKanadianKid1988d ago

Can't wait to see what this is!

cloud4951988d ago

This must be what Gary Whitta was teasing on Up at noon.

If it's true it might connect season 1 to season 2!

Ultr1988d ago

I just finished season2, I'm totally confused where that marc guy came from???? so this is not something I did not catch?

saintsudden1988d ago

I can't wait to see what this is. The Walking Dead was one of my favorite games last year!

Soldierone1988d ago

Awesome! I was thinking this was for some game Activision released that was crap, but its for the true series TellTale made! :D