Beyond: Two Souls Blurs the Line Between Video Games and Movies

Quantic Dream brings us the closest thing to a movie in a video game yet, with Beyond: Two Souls.

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yugovega1965d ago

sounds boring. been there done that with heavy rain. i could just as easy put a blu ray in and watch a movie.

SOD_Delta1965d ago

I thought the same about Heavy Rain, But I ended up liking it. It was a fresh experience. Now I'm looking forward to playing Beyond.

CGI-Quality1965d ago

Yep, I could too. I love pressing buttons while watching a movie. So interactive.


OT: Very exciting experience ahead. I can feel it. Seems like Cage learned a ton with Heavy rain!

MartinB1051965d ago

If all you look for is ease-of-access in your entertainment, then you're missing the point of a game like Beyond.

Aside, you statement can be applied to ANY game. Maybe you should just give your console to someone who actually enjoys playing games?

Guru_Shoe1965d ago

I can see that point of view. In my opinion I think the interaction adds another dimension to the story, which I enjoy. To each their own though :)