Reggie’s E3 2013 Welcome Video

Here is Reggie’s E3 2013 welcome video.

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yugovega1987d ago

my body is ready. and there's gas in the car to go to best buy. i do believe they have made the right choice innot doing a conference at e3. fb and twitter have alot more viewers then spiketv.

MNGamer-N1987d ago

Nintendo, serving it's fans, the way it should be done. They should be commended for taking the games from E3 and giving everyone a chance to be a apart of the event. Thank you Reggie and Nintendo!

cell9891987d ago

cant help but like the humble approach of Nintendo

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

5 days... 5 looooooooooooonnnnnng days.

RETRO Studios better be there!

It's been Confirmed that Zelda WiiU (+ WW and 3DS's LTtP2) will be shown too!