Reggie explains why Nintendo isn't hosting a traditional E3 conference, hypes up next week

From video description:

The Regginator has been reading and listening to your comments and questions and we created this video to get you all the info you need about our E3 activities this year. Take a look!

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Hatsune-Miku1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

they dont have enough games to show and the games they do have to show will be overshadowed by next gen console the ps4 and the xbox one with their superior technology. only nintendo extremists will watch the nintendo directs. the wii u is finished and thats why the sales are so low month after month. even reggie was only hailing the nintendo fans because he knows only nintendo fans will watch it.

reggie is lying in this video just like he was lying on cnn saying that wii u games look way better than ps3 and xbox 360 games. look at my bubble count and i wear it as a badge of honour that i can speak my mind and speak the truth about nintendo and the wii u. nintendo fanboys remembers my name because i continually speak the truth and my opinions.

i remember saying that the wii u will be weak before the specs were released and i had a lot of abused shouted at me saying that wii was successful so wii u will be powerful. nintendo extremists also believed that the wii u would be 6 times the power of the ps3. the wii u is the weakest console this generation.

thank you nintendo extremists because your tears and sadness brings me gladness

thesavagelife71649d ago

@Hatsune-Miku face_palm - _ - you can't be serious....

MikeMyers1649d ago

Regardless if he's serious or not this could actually be a better way of seeing E3. It won't have a bunch of padding between games. They can also edit and fine tune the video so that from a viewers perspective it's more interesting.

Most of these E3 shows are all glitter with a bunch of awkward moments. NeoGAF will now have a tougher time creating amusing giffs, that will be missed.

One4U1649d ago

atleast Nintendo came face to face and said why ! look at MS , they are trying to hide from questions and fans !

MNGamer-N1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Yes, I have tears. Tears of joy for all the wonderful new Nintendo games on the way this year. As for your opinion? I could care less and your comments are laughable at best.

wellard1649d ago

Its I couldn't care less. By saying "i could care less" means that you do in fact care quite a bit about what he is saying. Its not hard man, geez

BullyMangler1649d ago

yur so confused about what gaming is all about huh . . how much power does it take to outcompete the looks of Resi 1 Remake for the gamecube? and its barely starting to happen look at MGS 5 < heh . .

and since when do saLes determine somethings glory?

so yur saying justin bieber is more bad ass than biggie smalls?

check yurseLf before you break yourself

Starbucks_Fan1649d ago

this troll is still here?!

RTheRebel1649d ago

Mika plz go home you tard

akaihana86plus1649d ago

Miku, you are just worst than a bad paid hooker, all mouth and ghetto as hell, STFU and GTFO!

DarkBlood1649d ago

it could just be mika's other account lol its way too similiar

exfatal1649d ago

@darkblood lol u sound like you are unsure of course its the same person. i refuse to believe more then one person can be this stupid and blind top gaming. (or life in general)

MegaLagann1649d ago

Mika, did you forget the password to your other account?

ChickeyCantor1649d ago

"thank you nintendo extremists because your tears and sadness brings me gladness"

Well, sounds like someone is mad.

exfatal1649d ago

lol this got well said? god damn it n4g.. dont feed the troll.

Shnazzyone1649d ago

I don't remember you at all... but wii U already has more games than ps4 so...

gamer421648d ago

"thank you nintendo extremists because your tears and sadness brings me gladness"

This, ladies and gentlemen, got a 'well said'...

LiberatedAnimal1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Or just butthurt that Ninty will smash Poosoft again this gen.! lol


You're literally to stupid to insult.

AJBACK2FRAG1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Lol! You said it all! The Wii U is the weakest console of this generation! Uh, the weakest console always wins the generation. The Wii U is underpowered purposely! I don't know if you ever heard of Gumpei Yokoi? He created the Game and Watch and the Game Boy in his spare time with left over parts laying around. He thought costly cutting edge technology actually hindered game development! Gumpei had a theory called Lateral thinking with Withered technology which basically means using older technology mixed with radical gameplay ideas. I think a great example of this theory is the Wii and the Wii U. First the Wii. Two Game Cubes duct taped together beat two video game consoles that utilized the best technology of the time. How? By using radical new gameplay ideas ie: the Wii remote and inexpensive technology. Nintendo in my opinion used the same theory with the Wii U. Older technology and radical new gameplay ideas via the game pad. Another thing Gumpei did at Nintendo was to be a mentor to a young Shigeru Miyamoto and he also developed one of the most maligned video game inventions in the history of video games the Virtual boy. Miyamoto said the Virtual boy was the beginning of Nintendo entering the 3d age. Wow!

Now the list,
1. Nintendo develops the best software period.
2. Their hardware is invulnerable. 3. Miiverse.
4. Lateral thinking and Withered technology.

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Relientk771649d ago

@ 0:43

his reason is Nintendo is always looking for "new ways to suprise and delight"

so Nintendo is trying to be 'innovative' by not having a standard E3 conference

gamer421649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

The problem is we don't exactly know how this is going to payoff. If this goes as well or better than past E3s than expect them to do this next year and expect others trying to cut costs by doing the same. If it doesn't go well, then we can expect them back on stage next year, but before any of that happens we need to see what happens this year.

Innovation means taking risks, something people say they haven't taken in awhile, but is this risk worth taking in the end?

Blastoise1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Well whatever they say I still think it sucks

E3 is always about the big 3 conferences, I feel like I'm missing out on a 3rd of the show.

Nintendo Direct video's just won't be the same.

Edit: Lol Reggie is hilarious

nintendojunkie281649d ago

I don't know about you guys,but I really get the sense that Reggie's body is ready from that video.

linkenski1649d ago

The Regginator will always be watching us!

yugovega1649d ago

just like kinect 2.0 on the xbone?

linkenski1646d ago

I bet he's even watching us through the front camera in our 3DSes!

solidworm1649d ago

Cos theyve got nothing to show.

nintendojunkie281649d ago

I hope you like the taste of crow.

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