See the Amazon in action in PlayStation-exclusive game Dragon's Crown

The character artwork of George Kamitani springs to life in this new gameplay trailer from the upcoming PlayStation-exclusive video game Dragon's Crown.

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Animavicion1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

(ᕗ╍■益■)ᕗdat ass

DivineAssault 1936d ago

The chicks are more bad ass than the dudes in this game.. Cant wait to pick this up

sashimi1936d ago

Xena The Warrior Princess approves!

FamilyGuy1936d ago

That's not true, have you seen the Knight and Dwarf videos? They both look pretty bad ass, melee madness.

I'm going to be playing as every character.

DivineAssault 1935d ago

I dont like the dwarf character but hey, thats why they made so many different ppl in the game.. The fighter looks pretty wicked & so does the wizard but the boobs, the ass, & the elf look just as awesome so i have to tip my hat in favor of the chicks because i dont like the dwarf

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