GT5 Prologue is Sold Out are reporting that GT5 orders placed after the 25th of March can not be sent on time - due to the game being completely sold out! As one of the biggest Sony franchises there is, GT5 can only mean good things for the PS3 going forward.

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SUP3R3493d ago

Wasn't expecting that.
Makes me wonder if I should pre-order mine in the US, cuz I was just gonna walk in and purchase.

Lifendz3493d ago

And GTA comes out on the 28th or 29th. I think I see Sony's GTA prevention strategy. I never knew GT5 was this big. I might have to at least rent it. I was scared of the intense simulation of the game but "The Show 08" is said to be Sim heavy and I love it. Maybe I'll give GT a try...if I can find it for sale anywhere.

Ninja_Moomin3493d ago

no - it comes out on the 27th. This week!

Lifendz3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

IGN has Prologue coming out on the 15th of April. What game are you talking about coming out this week?

Let me clarify, I'm talking about USA and not Europe.

Ninja_Moomin3493d ago

March the 27th here in europe.


BeaArthur3493d ago

Europe is the 27th and US is the 15th of April.

KidMakeshift3493d ago

It's very sim. I never could get into the series because it's the complete opposite of every other racer (arcade style). It's a gorgeous looking game, but still no car damage or effects on the environment

bumnut3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

i wouldn't call gt an intense simulation.

forza was an intense simulation, thats why it was no fun.

i can't wait for gt5 but just wanted to make the point that while the handling is pretty realistic, i would not call it an intense simulation. i think gt has a perfect balance between realism and fun.

i just ordered a ps3 to play this, can't wait

sonarus3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

just try it out and you will see if you like it. For me sim racers > arcade racers. They can be just as fun too. You learn to drive realistically.
Anyways i am very surprised that this game got sold out but the good news is, there are still the psn downloads but it still seems to be available at other retailers.

PS3 might be able to pass the wii in UK. GT5P is number 1 on amazon uk and GTA4 for ps3 is number 2 both finally surpassing wii fit sales. I am surprised EU is embracing the game so well considering it is only a prologue.

LOL @bumnut GT5 is still more sim than forza to me. But i haven't really settled in to play forza well enough. I had forza around the time prologue JP demo dropped and i played the demo more than forza 2. lol

bumnut3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

im not sure why i got disagrees for my comment.

i love the game, i just said that the driving is not super realistic.

id hate to be in a car with one of the guys that disagreed with me.

if you think real cars drive the same as gt cars you are in for a shock.

Watkins3493d ago

Goooood thing I ordered mine yesterday then, haha!
Els eI would have to shell out another €13 ($21) to get it here.

MADGameR3493d ago

seeing as GT1 sold over 10MILLION copies world wide as of 2007.

aaron58293492d ago

Note that i didnt click on disagree.

But, if you were talking about GT4, i agree, It was not as sim as we would believe.

But obviuosly, you havent played GT5P on Simulation mode.

lessthanmarcus3492d ago

Buy it if you like GT series. I've played and beat GT1,2,3,4 and it's nothing like Need for Speed or any other racing game.

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Ninja_Moomin3493d ago

Yeah - we were stunned too!

I wonder what this means for the GT5 Bundle Pack?

TheHater3493d ago

that is probably going to be sold out one day one. How much bundle didn't Sony shipped? 500K or so?

solar3493d ago

holy crap. and its only a prologue. many are gonna have to snag it digitally.

Ninja_Moomin3493d ago

Amazing Huh?

With this, then GTA, then HAZE, then MGS4... we're in for an AMAZING summer on PS3

SUP3R3493d ago

I literally just felt a chill down my spine when I read that release sequence.
This might be the first summer I'll be in more than out.

Ninja_Moomin3493d ago

Yeah... and we've got Home, and Wipeout at some point... then LittleBigPlanet, Resistance... and Motorstorm 2.

Year of the PS3 - confirmed!

The_Engineer3493d ago

of how many think Sony's 08 release list makes microsucks 07 "perfect storm" look like a spring

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spandexxking3493d ago

thats awesome! sony needs to ship more copies me thinks. guessing this is only in UK/euro as its

spandexxking3493d ago

just remembered i preordered this off play like two weeks ago so pretty lucky. i reckon its probably because they do it for the cheapest £17.99. its an offer you cant refuse!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33493d ago

The FUTURE is Bright, The FUTURE is PS3!;-P
(Oh dear im going to get sued by Orange for using there slogan!) ;-D

mikeslemonade3492d ago

In your face you Forza and PGR fanboys! A demo can beat your game. Just think what will happen when GT5 comes out. It demolish your crappy franchises.

MaximusPrime3493d ago

i ordered one from and another from GAME.

I really hope i will get one on time.

resistance1003492d ago

if your ordered it from GAME.CO.UK, you will get it on launch for sure, and in most cases, you get it the day before its launched