Microsoft's game plan for E3 2013: Damage control

Microsoft's pre-E3 Xbox One reveal event in Redmond, Washington wasn't a presentation targeted at gamers. In fact, most gamers hated it. Why? Because Microsoft used the opportunity to boast about Xbox One's live TV integration and the seamless experience it will supposedly provide.

That mantra won't fly at E3 2013 in Los Angeles where the priority is always games. The company teased some details about what Xbox One's gaming future will look like, but as of now it's still mostly unknown.

Here's a preview of what Microsoft needs to accomplish at E3 2013 and what's expected.

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Anon19742019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

"Microsoft has preemptively cancelled all post-conference media appointments and roundtable Q&A."

I had heard the round table Q&A was cancelled and when you realize they were the only company that did that anyway and all the other interviews were still on, it didn't seem like that big of a deal.

But all media appointments have now been cancelled? Is Cnet sure of that? What the hell? I said this before, but if I showed you a product, put on a presentation and then ducked out the back before anyone could ask any questions...would you buy what I was selling?

CaEsAr-2019d ago

And still there are some people who would buy this garbage and defend MS with their lives. Sigh..

blitz06232019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

They already canceled the media roundtable and 1-1 interviews because they just confirmed it on the web.

All they are going to do in E3 is just show games and leave it at that. No talks about administrative issues.

They will try and make E3 all about games to attract the general public that is completely oblivious to the DRM details as well as online checks and Kinect spying.

It will be ironic if this is actually what they are trying to do because they themselves believe everything right now is connected, meaning even casual gamers who don't follow the gaming industry will eventually find out what the X1 is all about.

DarkBlood2019d ago

then its up to gamers to spread the word about microsoft xboxone console to tell the truth about it so they dont get the undeserved sales

shoddy2019d ago

Cod junkiest and live chat lover will love to get milk.

UnHoly_One2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I'm not going to "defend MS with my life", but you bet I'm going to buy both an XB1 and a PS4 (and the XB1 will probably be my primary).

First off, all of these "restrictions" that have so many people up-in-arms have zero negative impact on me. NONE WHATSOEVER. Don't care about used games, don't care about rentals, don't care about lending to friends. I don't do any of that now, I have no intention of starting.

Online check in... When was the last time your internet was out for 24 hours or longer? My answer to that is NEVER. Not once in the 13 years I've had broadband has it been out that long. So that doesn't worry me, either.

Kinect spying on you??? Seriously??? In this day and age how is this really a concern to anyone other than somebody wearing a tinfoil hat and spouting conspiracy theories on YouTube??? If you are really THAT worried about somebody seeing what you are doing in your living room, maybe you should rethink what you are doing in your living room rather than rethinking your choice of game console. In this day and age do you have any idea how many cameras are pointed at you throughout a typical day??

I just don't see one little measly thing to actually worry about.

But some of the other features they are offering do interest me. Share games seamlessly within the household? Yes please. Lend to a friend remotely over Xbox LIVE? You bet your ass I want that, too. Access to all my games anywhere anytime? You bet!

And the best controller in the business is still enough reason for me to make the XB1 my primary console for multiplatform games. Even if games look a little better on the PS4, it's not going to be a big enough difference to get me want to play with a Dualshock when I can use the Xbox controller instead. That is the main reason why Xbox has been my primary console since it arrived back in 2001.

Also, all my friends play on Xbox LIVE and that isn't going to change. None of them see any reason to be concerned, either.

I know I'm in the minority amongst this fanboy website, and I know I'll get 20 disagrees for every 1 agree that I get, but I'm just being honest and fair here. I'm not going to lie and jump on the Sony Bandwagon. They give me great exclusives, no doubt, but that's all I've gotten from them in the last 12 years.

wastedcells2018d ago

Lets see Microsoft spin this lol. Timed exclusives can't save them now. Some Corperations under estimate gamers intelligence.

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Godmars2902019d ago

Looks like they're going to use Major Nelson's blog to answer all question with no rebuttals during E3.

No chance of anyone of high rank contradicting what's officially been put out.

dedicatedtogamers2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I think the explanation for Xbone's Wild Ride is simple.

MS was not ready to show off, let alone launch, the Xbox One. From rumors about eSRAM yeilds, underclocking, overheating issues, the faked OS demonstration, and being 6+ months behind in development for games, everything points to one simple fact: Xbox One is not ready to be launched.

And yet, Microsoft is going to push it forward. This is a 100% repeat of what happened with the Xbox 360 (leading to RRoD) except this time they were really caught with their pants down and they won't be able to launch one year in advance. Microsoft already lost the opportunity to be first this gen, yet to launch LAST would be a disaster for them if they still hope to capture some gamers.

Godmars2902019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

And sadly I can only hope that Sony isn't doing the same thing. That their announcement caught MS unprepared and now they're making mistakes.

As bad as that sounds.

SonicRush152019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

@Godmars I doubt that, MS has been developing Xbone since 2010. Sony has developed the PS4 since 2007.

miyamoto2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Sounds like the same scenario with Wii U to me.

Emergency! Emergency! Wii u wiiu wii u wii u wii u wii u!!!

The hilarious thing is they thought showing the physical box will give them the upper hand against PS4's invisible console and it turned out to be a foolish disaster.
Showing the plastic black box without a single live gameplay showing just about says it all for xbone's sorry situation.

It was literally just a useless paper weight with no paper underneath it.

And Balmer Steve is just craming his homework just a few months before xbone's ETA this year.

You see things like these takes yrars to plan and you cannot turn around so quickly in amatter of months or weeks.

If people just know how to trully asses that showing they will know what is really going on.

I hope Major Nelson dont change his name to Major Damage ControlControl this E3. That will be one helluva job.

PS4 is one surprise attack no one really was prepared for.

2019d ago
Bathyj2019d ago

What Sonic said.

Sony has had this in the pipes for a long time, I dont their schedule is an issue.

Prophet-Gamer2019d ago


MS is having yield issues because of the esram they went with. Sony is not since their setup is much simpler and smaller.

Smoovekid2019d ago


Microsoft is not having trouble with the APU, They are having trouble with the EsRam which Sony is not using. That is just the media damage controlling.

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LOL i was going to give you a disagree by mistake in answer to your question "would you buy what I was selling?" xD

On topic:
I do i agree with you in every word, they are very wrong to cancel those events, and yes Cnet is right, here:

Atomicjuicer2019d ago

Kinect is always spying - now read this story about the NSA spying on Americans (and everyone else) via google and Facebook:

The Xbox one is 1984. No hyperbole

DOMination-2019d ago

Actually they are doing the interviews. Major Nelson confirmed they only cancelled two because of schedule clashing.

indysurfn2018d ago

anyone notice microsoft is misleading with the word 'family' now. they make a distinction between 'family' and 'friends' when it comes to you lending games. I think they mean 'physically in your house' when they say family. which makes their 'feature' of sharing mute. HEck with a genesis I can share a game with anyone in my house. No high speed internet checks require, or fees, ore recheck. HEck even my dreamcast would work now, without requiring the sega servers to be still up!

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Mr_Nuts2019d ago

Jeez, trying to read some of them comments on that site...they don't have a clue sticking up for MS.

One person said Sony spent too much time on Social stuff...WTF

Skips2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Lol! Out of the whole 2 hour conference.

Sony spent like, 10-15 minutes tops on social stuff. XD

Gh05t2019d ago

Exactly, 10-15 minutes too much.

2018d ago
greenpowerz2019d ago

Start acting like you media got some sense and they will let you back in. Gaming media is suppose to be trying to inform gamers, not sensationalizing news trying to find the most effective way of finding angles for hits, letting fanboy agendas bleed into journalism.

Like I said what is happening now reminds me of what Mitt Romney and the right wing did to the media during the last election resulting in the Obama team rejecting the media for interviews. Journalism is not what is happening then and now with games. Entrapment journalism and Gotcha Media needs to be handled a different way. MSFT will take it to the people themselves.

I have a feeling they will weave the facts with the games at their presser assuming they are ready to talk about it and things are finalized.

ThatCanadianGuy5142019d ago

Damage control in the headline and Green comes rushing to defend them LOL

I couldn't make this stuff up if i tried

kneon2019d ago

Damage control about damage control, brought to you by greenpowerz :)

sAVAge_bEaST2018d ago

Reputation Management. -Trolls sent by M$ to uphold the Reputation.. check it

KillrateOmega2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Oh, look. It's greenpowerz coming to MS's rescue...

It isn't the media's fault that MS has been dropping the ball lately. The blame entirely falls upon MS for their less-than-optimal (to put it lightly) decisions regarding their handling of the next-gen of Xbox.

"Like I said what is happening now reminds me of what Mitt Romney and the right wing did to the media during the last election resulting in the Obama team rejecting the media for interviews."

...WHAT?! Talk about a stretch, bro.

mikeboccher2018d ago

Agreed man whole heartedly. MS has messed up every facet of media handling in regards to this new console. It's outrageous. And I'm a MS guy

M-M2019d ago

When I saw "Damage Control" I knew you were going to be here xD.

majiebeast2019d ago

I seriously think your Aaron Greenburg at this point.

WalterWJR2019d ago


You somehow get out of all this that Microsoft is the good guy and compare the situation to being up against nazis.

they are not speaking to the press because it would be a verbal barrage Microsoft are in no way prepared for and do not want to deal with. I don't think they could find the words to explain all this DRM bs anyway.

Karpetburnz2018d ago

Take off those xbot glasses for a minute and then read what you just wrote lol, You would probably jump off a bridge of M$ told you to, people like you are part of the reason M$ think they can get away with all this crap, because you people have been bending over for M$ far to long.

sAVAge_bEaST2018d ago

Scared to answer questions.? Reputation Management trolls on every site.

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GreenRanger2019d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft cancel their E3 conference in the next few days.

gamertk4212019d ago ShowReplies(2)
adorie2019d ago

He's only a lil over 90 days in. Give him time.

yesmynameissumo2019d ago

Part of me feels like I unwittingly funded Umbrella and now the T-Virus has just hit the fan.

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