The Development and Design of B.Orchid from the Killer Instinct Games

Black Orchid from Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 /Gold is one of the more popular characters of the series which saw no new games since 1996.
This article illustrates and discusses her history and development from first concepts to her 2nd design in KI2.
Also highlighted is promotional art and endings of B.Orchid as well as selected artworks by fans of the character.

I hope the rumors are true and we finally see a new Killer Instinct for the XBoxOne shown at the E3!

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DivineAssault 1956d ago

One of my favorite characters from this game.. As much as i love KI, i still wouldnt buy x1 if they rebooted it

Hoffmann1956d ago

In my case it will depend on the outcome if Kiler Instinct gets rebooted finally..if the game is really great i might get the XB even for that one game. I was a big fan of the series and still play it sometimes via emulator..

DivineAssault 1956d ago

I love the series too but it doesnt justify buying a console with so many requirements.. I would rather miss out on the game than to give M$ my hard earned cash for a system with shackles..

Dont get me wrong because i think the 360 is a great system but not the x1.. KI would tempt me to get one but im not buying a console for a fighting game.. X1 will need MANY more games than just this & a price drop for me to even consider it.. I will be supporting PS4/Wii U nx gen & if i ever run out of games to play on those, then ill get X1 well after it has a massive library of exclusive titles (without guns) & a price cut

adorie1956d ago

Who wants to see B.Orchid in real life?


project_pat361956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

if it does come it wont be xbox only and that's a fact. rare has games that span all consoles, not exclusively xbox.

on a side note, I never knew her name was B. Orchid, I always assumed it was just Orchid.. ya know.. because.

MrChow6661956d ago

what are you talking about? rare is owned by Microsoft, they even took part on the development of kinect

project_pat361956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

donkey kong isn't rare?


guess not anymore, oh well if this is the case then fuck killer instinct 3 and fuck fedbox one

Felonycarclub81956d ago

I wish sony would have bought rare, we would have a killer instinct game by now

MrSwankSinatra1956d ago

honesty nintendo should of bought rare.

Felonycarclub81955d ago

Yeah I wish they had done that too but I don't know if we would have gotten killer instinct, Nintendo went to casual I used to love Nintendo because they had a lot of variety I still have my killer instinct gold and play every once in a while, I am actually trying to get a killer instinct arcade or do a mame arcade just so I can play the arcade versions :-)

KrimsonKody1956d ago

Lol, I remember that picture of her cleaning the car! It was in the 1st swimsuit edition of EGM.
Damn, is it embarrassing that I remembered that?

Also, is her breast still a mystery?
There were tons of rumors of how her breast look;
Demon heads
Animal/monster faces
Square nipples...
It was funny!

Hoffmann1956d ago

[email protected] still talking about that finisher with her boobies

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