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Kiefer Sutherland: The Perfect Choice for Snake

Hardcore Gamer: David Hayter was a fine Snake and deserved better than being (apparently) unceremoniously dumped; but as good as Hayter's Snake was, it's a relic of gruff macho protagonist video game voices of the late '90s and early aughts. A motion capture and voice performance from one of the most underrated character actors, Kiefer Sutherland, will enhance the stakes of what Metal Gear Solid V is trying to accomplish. (David Hayter, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, Xbox 360)

MasterOfThe12Blades  +   786d ago
Personally I think that the perfect choice for snake would be david hayter....
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-GametimeUK-  +   786d ago
Pretty much what I was thinking.
guitarded77  +   786d ago
I think changing from David Hayter sucks, but from what Kojima said in the Konami video today, it seems he wants a more cinematic game, with a more mature script and better acting. I'm pretty certain the game will be great, but it does suck that Hayter got the shaft.
GameCents  +   786d ago
Out with the old, in with the Jack "Dammit" Bauer.
I for one am stoked!
Mr_Nuts  +   786d ago
I suppose he would be an alright choice :D

I still can't wrap my head around this, such a douche move by Kojima
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ZBlacktt  +   786d ago
Reads title.... Well, this story sucks and is just looking for hits from the real MGS fan base.

Btw, watch the video.

Kiefer stats:

I'm not a gamer

I've never done motion capture before
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guitarded77  +   786d ago
True, but he's not being asked to play a game... he's being asked to act.
ZBlacktt  +   786d ago
Hhhmm, lets see take the guy who's done the voice for over 15 years. Who has a background in movies and drop him. All to make up some bs story and give it to a guy with no experience in what he's hired to do. Rrrrrright. This real issue here is Kojima doesn't want David in his games anymore because of control. Yep, Kojima doesn't like the fact that David is looked at as a huge part of Metal Gear. So take David out and I take back that full control. Well, to bad it's the fans who really have the control. When the games sells don't do as expected..... Just like that total crap spin off Raiden game.....
guitarded77  +   786d ago
I didn't say I was for it... I just stated the truth. The game is mo-cap, and Kojima wanted an actor, not a voice actor. You got a problem with it, take it up with him. I'm sure he'll care.

And Revengeance wasn't made by Kojima. MGSV is a Kojima game. Recommend checking out tonight's episode of GameTrailers, Kojima talks more about Sutherland.
CrossingEden  +   786d ago
many actors don't play games and have never done motion capture before, -__- being a gamer in no way shape or form goes hand in hand with acting, which is a completely different skill and mindset
ArnoldSchwarzenigra  +   786d ago
Hayter made genuine sacrifices for his role, he treated the characters with respect and gave life to two characters with his acting abilities. It was his defining role and he knew that. To Kiefer, it'll just be another notch on his Hollywood belt.

This is all because of Kojima's fascination with American movies and his desire to recreate Snake in a way he would have originally preferred had he been able to utilise Hollywood actors back in the early days of Metal Gear Solid.
cell989  +   786d ago
dude you nailed it!! Hayter respected that character and had love for the franchise, respect to Keifer but he isnt here for the love of the game, he is here for the money. Kojima preferred paying more money to an actor who has no idea what MEtal Gear was before he started his roll, than keeping Hayter at a lower pay and with guaranteed passion for MGS
cell989  +   786d ago
David Hayter the perfect choice for Snake
Walker  +   786d ago
He is Big Boss !
cell989  +   786d ago
Big Boss and Snake are technically the same person, Snake is a clone of BB!!
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   786d ago
I smell an influx of articles along these lines to propagate a "war' between the voice actors' fanbases and if David Hayter does make a cameo as Solid Snake in the game this will once again show how shoddy game journalism is these days......
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swishersweets20031  +   786d ago
keifer sutherland blows.. a better actor.. kojima get real. Someone should of told him you never go full retard.

it be like replacing the voice actor for batman.. u just dont do it.
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Pillsbury1  +   786d ago
Kevin Conroy is batman, hayter is snake. End of story.
Foxgod  +   786d ago
They probably want MGS5 to be a more cinematic experience.
Hayter is a great voice actor, but Sutherland is a great voice actor and a great actor.
I am sure that with the mo capping being used to record snake's emotions, Sutherland is the best choice to be Snake.

Think Kojima wants Snake to look more human in this game, then an emotionless killing machine.
To show that even Snake can grow tired of violence and fighting, and can wear down like a regular person.

Kind of like Captn Ahab :P
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OrangePowerz  +   786d ago
David Hayter is also a trained actor, his name in the ad will just not get as much attention.

Also we have seen in MGS 4 that Snake can wear down and in MGS3 that he can be more than a killing machine.
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RTheRebel  +   786d ago
Kojima's HUGE Ego was the reason Hayter was not cast.
OrangePowerz  +   786d ago
David Hayter: The Perfect Choice for Snake

Fixed the title.
raymantalk1  +   786d ago
great actor great voice but still would have preferred hayter
just thinking could`nt having a big star like sutherland increase the cost of making the game so much that they increase the price?
kingPoS  +   786d ago
[Hayter] Why don't you explain it to me Bauer. You've got five seconds. [prepares to press *enter* button on laptop]

{Slow thundering of a clock}




"Alright alright I'll talk!"

All in all I'll miss David Hayter's gaming performance's.
Long live the snake.
scheme_a  +   786d ago
I really hope they will re-write the script in English like Suda51 does with his games instead of trying religiously to translate Japanese into English. The gripes I have with MGS series in English is that the dialogue feels really forced and rigid mainly because they are trying so hard to translate word by word.
duplissi  +   786d ago
At least He is a good substitute. They could have done worse.

Still disappointed they dumped Hayter.

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