Hideki Kamiya's latest twitter tirade shows lack of humility and class

Hideki Kamiya is known to mess with trolls but Gimme Gimme Games writes about why telling Smash Bros fans to f*** off isn't a good move from any angle you look at it.

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jc485732014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I don't think Kamiya even meant it in a funny way. You are being asked many many times, so I really don't see how any person wouldn't be annoyed by them. We feel, react, and even hurt people, which is all part of human nature no matter how professional you need to be.

deafdani2014d ago

No matter how you spin it, this was utterly unprofessional from Kamiya's part. Period. He fucked up big time here, and I don't think Nintendo will be happy with this.

Remember, Nintendo is PUBLISHING two of Kamiya's games, so the dude needs to learn some restraint. Did you ever saw Fils-Aime or Iwata or Miyamoto tell Nintendo fans to "fuck off" because they were asking for Earthbound?

Nope, never. And you can bet your ass the dudes screaming for Earthbound / Mother were much more noisy and vocal than those asking for Bayonetta in the next Smash.

Kamiya was stupid in reacting like that, and there's no way around that.

jc485732014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

learn some restraint? so you're saying that even you won't overreact if I asked you the same question over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. it's like a fu**ing time bomb that someone is building upon another person whether it's done intentionally or not. Yes, you are right, he was stupid in reacting like that, but even that is part of human nature. i doubt he is going to change because that is who he is. Smash bros is not even something he is a part of, so why do people keep asking the WRONG guy? Yes, I am implying something here. This people probably know Kamiya's ways, so they pester him to get his bad side out. This happened before when fans were pestering him about MGRR, which he had no involvement with.

deafdani2014d ago

Yes, I would feel annoyed, but still I wouldn't react like that, considering Nintendo is publishing two of my games.

Hicken2014d ago

You know what?

Who cares?

Some people asked him the same question REPEATEDLY, even after he had given them answers. And when he DID go off, he didn't call out the whole community, or Nintendo.

Quoted from comment #7 below:

"Enough of smash idiots. Fuck off. … RT @Cruz9488: Bayonetta in Smash Bros 4?"

How about a little context? I mean, hell, it doesn't take much context to see why he might react that way.

Don't assume that because one person responds a certain way, that everyone else should, as well. Professional or not, they're still human beings, and they have every right to snap and tell somebody off as the consumers who push them to that point in the first place.

It's fine if you don't like how he responded, but it's pretty pretentious of you to set some standard that others must conduct themselves by.

ChickeyCantor2014d ago

If you're tired of the questions, ignore them? It's like eating a bag of sprouts and then complain you don't like it.

KingKelloggTheWH2014d ago

He never shows humility or class.

Blacklash932014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I'm not even sure he's a real person on twitter. Kamiya!Bot doesn't care 'bout yo feelings!

But I bet this is going to be another "Next week..." saga. Namely, people who haven't looked at his twitter history posting his reptitive trolling as if it's real news every other month.

SuperSteve2014d ago

He didn't tell fans of Smash Bros. to fuck off; he told the handful of retards who constantly ask the same question over and over and over to fuck off. There's a difference.

chadboban2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Umm.. I don't why this shocks people, this is the way he always is. He gets pissed off when people ask him the same thing over and over. Remember when people wouldn't stop asking about the new DMC?

I'm not saying that his behavior professional or anything, it's just the way he's always been. You'd probably get mad if people asked you the same thing again and again.

MegaLagann2014d ago

Pretty much, i'm not saying this is okay, but this is how Kamiya is. No filter says it how it is. If you're so offended then don't pay the man attention and move on. As I've been saying, don't take it seriously.

Realplaya2014d ago

He doesn't make smash brothers why ask him?
Why not ask that creator?

If i said don't ask me again because I am tired of the same question and you ask then I can respond anyway I want.

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The story is too old to be commented.