Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Video: Grand Valley East

GT Planet have a another video of GT6 in action, this time showing a race at Grand Valley East (Reverse).

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SOD_Delta2016d ago

2013 has to be one of PS3's best years. If not the best. PS3 still has a whole lotta love to give.

dedicatedtogamers2016d ago

Wow! This looks beautiful. Props to Sony for supporting their PS3 owners by giving them ANOTHER GT game!

I've never been a big GT fan but maybe now is the time to try it out. Racing wheel required? Or is that only for the die-hard fans?

yewles12016d ago

"Racing wheel required? Or is that only for the die-hard fans?"

Both. You CAN use a controller, but you'll find out why if you get it. The experience and feel will provide the answers for you.

duli142016d ago

If GT6 looks this good on a ps3, I just can't imagine how good Drive Club will look :O

dedicatedtogamers2016d ago

@ yewles1

Thank you for the reply. This game/simulator looks fun. Watching that video, I was like "wait, this game is so detailed that the tires make a different noise if they hit the curb/bumpy strips?" Pretty neat, though I'm sure GT fans are accustomed to this level of detail.

Army_of_Darkness2016d ago

It actually looks graphically better than GT5?! WTF?! am I seeing things cause this game looks gorgeous and so photo-realistic!

MikeMyers2016d ago

GT6 looks to have much better lighting and the backgrounds are improved as well. Looks awesome.

kingPoS2016d ago

You can play without a wheel but you won't want to if you already have one.

Last time I played with a controller I couldn't tell how the car was going to react.

Yeah those little details really do matter.

AliTheSnake12016d ago

No way this is on PS3.
Last of us's grass and trees are no where as good as this.
Look at the sky , look at the road , the details.

guitarded772016d ago

I've probably put in 500+ hours into GT5. With the PS4 coming out, I don't know if I can do it again, but I will certainly try :D

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Blackdeath_6632016d ago

in terms of games,service and overall yeah 2013 is a good year for ps3 i think 2009/2010 is when things starting turning around for the better on ps3 so i would say that has been the best period in the ps3's life time. can't wait for this game i have been overcome by this sudden urge to play racing games, every gen there is an outstanding racing game that everyone has to try and i think this gen that will be gt6. i just noticed that for some reason i have missed all the odd numbered gt games. i played gt2,gt4 and i'm getting gt6. a bit weird now that i think about it

thechosenone2016d ago

dude the driving physics looks so good and realistic. :O

turgore2016d ago

This is the PS3's swan song yaer for the fans.

aceitman2016d ago

this looks so much better looking than gt5 and I didn't think they could make the graphics look that much of a step up from gt5 and gt6.

chcolatesnw2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

HAHAH how pathetic you can have 2000 cars or w.e when 90% of them will be "standard" GT4!!!!! cars rendered at 720p LOL.
Can't believe how you blind sheep still defend GT after this in GT5
800 cars of the 1000 were old models and only 200 premium!!! forza 3 has ALL 400 premium and dont even get me started on forza 4 with even more cars and ALL premium with rich detailed interior cockpit HAHAAH. Ahh the sony fail fanatics give me giggles

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desertpunk862016d ago ShowReplies(2)
OrangePowerz2016d ago

DriveClub is next gen :) Also we haven't seen DriveClub gameplay yet.

PrimeGrime2016d ago

They showed off quite a bit of Drive Club game play. I can't direct you to the link as it was a while ago I saw the video.

They showed the cock pit view, the showed some of the areas ect. Not all of it was game play of course but there was a lot of game play shown in it.

I know it is on N4G somewhere. Shouldn't be hard to find.

lodossrage2016d ago

Considering DriveClub is using a MUCH more advanced piece of hardware than Gran Turismo 6 is.

thechosenone2016d ago

of course it does it's running on new hardware! but GT6 looks freakin' amazing and I can't wait to see what GT7 will look like on the PS4. O.O

latincooker2142016d ago

Its true DriveClub does look better but 1 is on ps3 & the other on PS4 but no matter what its all Sony its all playstation its allllllll ares:-)

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WeAreLegion2016d ago

Looks incredible...but WHY haven't they changed the engine sounds yet? They all sound like a freakin' Ford Taurus.

Larry L2016d ago

Actually even in GT5 the engine sound particularly for the GT-Rs is pretty acurate. I'm just happy to hear (so far anyway) that I'm not hearing the tranny whine over the engine. IMO that's one of the major reasons so many cars sound the same in GT5, that damn high pitch tranny whine. I haven't noticed it in any of the GT6 vids so far.

Jamaicangmr2016d ago

Thats because you get tranny whine from racing transmissions and none of what have been shown (Well as far as i've seen) have been of stock cars.

kingPoS2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I consider that compliment.

[3rd gen V8 Taurus Sho does a burnout and rockets off into the distance]

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