Netflix surveys members on Microsoft Xbox 360

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Online movie rental company Netflix Inc has surveyed its subscribers to gauge their interest in streaming movies to their televisions using Microsoft Corp's Xbox 360, a Netflix spokesman said on Monday.

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decapitator3708d ago

Microsoft will do anything it can to push DD and their HDi tech. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Sayai jin3708d ago

They are doing what business should do to push new technology or products to the consumer. Bill Gates has been talking about DD since the late 80's and early 90's. It will be interesting indeed how this turns out. First we only had phyiscal media for music, but then came downloadable MP3's.

c-redz3708d ago

lame i only have blockbuster/netflix rental to burn the dang movies... lets get real... pop it in when ever i want, or pay again to stream it..

green3708d ago

I am sure a patnership is on the horizon,but when it will be available is the question.

Another thing is that while this is great for the consumers,won't it affect the DD service that microsoft already has available on Xbox live?

Boldy3708d ago

I'm sure it would greatly increase the amount of videos already on video marketplace also giving Microsoft a share of the profit made from them. I'm hoping it would get rid of that "This video is available until 5/16/08," so that you can watch older videos.

mighty_douche3708d ago

Aren't Netflix also taking to Sony?

Seem they're the ones pushing DD more than anyone else.

RealityCheck3708d ago

And then Netflix's site goes down. Coincidence no doubt.

predator3708d ago

did you read the last sentance:

"Netflix offers DVDs and streaming movies to about 8 million customers. The company recently added a movie streaming service for game consoles."

RealityCheck3708d ago

@4.1, yes I was being sarcastic. I don't believe in coincidences.

predator3708d ago

dude didnt mean it like that i actually just mean did you read the last sentance, no bun intended

pegger243708d ago

Hopefully this is true, the thing that holds me back from purchasing more movies is that I have to pay for each individually, hopefully this will be offered with a monthly subscription fee that is in line with what netflix charges. I am worried that microsoft is going to put a limit it on it like 10 downloads a month for X amount. We shall see, I would imagine if this works out with microsoft it will come to PS3 soon, everyone should be able to get this awesome service

c-redz3708d ago

dude its not a download of the movie, its a stream of the movie!!!