Blu-Ray Upgrades - 'Blu-ray Early Adopters Should Feel Burned By Sony'

In order to take advantage of new "live" Blu-Ray DVDs that connect to the Internet, you need access to a Playstation 3. Janet Babin reports why people who purchased a Blu-Ray player might feel a little burned.

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Drekken3677d ago


Phil Harrison Mkllll3677d ago

...unless your a xBox 360 owner that is!!! ;-D

VigorousApathy3677d ago

As opposed to the HD-DVD early adopters who are living it up.

Drekken3677d ago

the loose papers around my house have never been more secure.

Ghoul3677d ago


you know what your risks are if your an early adopter so no whining here.

BUT every bluray early adopter went with the wining format.
EVERY hd-dvd adopter is the real betrayed one.

jwatt3677d ago

No they shouldn't be mad at Sony who offered them a great Blu-Ray player in the form of the ps3. The people who bought the stand alone should be mad at themselves, for the ps3 is much cheaper and better.

crck3677d ago

They got burned because their players don't output 480p progressive scan. Or they couldn't play DVD-Rs. Or they couldn't upscale or have hdmi output. This is a lot of noise about nothing. A first gen blu-ray player plays blu-rays movies. Did any company promise anything more?

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TripleTags3677d ago

i think most people with a PS3 would be the ones that actually care about BDLive.

PS360WII3677d ago

They could bich and moan like all early adopter iPhone people and get some money back.

That's a price you pay for getting the tech early! I just don't get the reasoning of people getting mad at overlypriced new tech stuff that later gets obviously better and less expensive.

Skerj3677d ago

Or you should have just bought the PS3 anyway and you wouldn't have been burned. Why anyone would buy a stand alone player is beyond me, especially at their prices.

decapitator3677d ago

*Hi five*

Seriously I dont understand the animosity that some people have with purchasing the ps3.

SL1M DADDY3677d ago

People who did not buy the PS3 over some of the other BD players out there should have no animosity towards these changes. BEsides, the onld BD players still do what they should, they still play the movies in their 1080p glory so any extras is just fluff. That same fluff that could not keep HD-DVD from going tits up.

Ghoul3677d ago


*high five*

*clap clap*

Syko3677d ago

Agreed Skerj, In fairness as a gamer there was no question as to which one I would get. With the cheapest standalone at $400 and no Internet connectivity it is really a dumb move not to get the PS3. I bought it soley for use as my Blu-Ray player and to play the few big exclusives upcoming. Even though I still buy all my games for the 360 (If on both) I don't regret buying it at all because of the fantastic BD playback and the great upconverting of DVD's...Not to mention the streaming music seems to sound better compared to my 360, probably due to the better audio processing chip in the PS3.

So as a gamer it's a win win in my book, and if you aren't a gamer it still does everything you want it to do and would still be a win for you too.

Skerj3677d ago

Yeah even if you don't intend on playing games on it (which you will in time), it is still the best BR player for the other media capabilities alone. Now with Divx certification and the filesize limit increased, the only thing mine won't play are quicktime files and mkv's.

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