Metro: Last Light Review | PixelPerfectGaming

As you begin your adventure, you’re treated to an intro (which you actually get to participate in, but doesn’t affect the intro’s outcome) which has you thinking you’re being thrown into combat with towering mutants right away, only to discover that you were playing in a nightmare. Thus, your story now begins and right away you find yourself getting totally immersed in it.

There’s plenty of NPC interaction here and your comrades’ A.I. is almost spot on when you approach them to chat or to get information. But if you think you’re just going to be killing anything that moves with guns blazing, guess again — you’ll also have to hone your stealth skills to get through this game. In fact, the game more or less alternates between action-packed missions and careful stealth missions that force you to pay close attention to all of MLL’s intricate details. Just don’t forget to explore.

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