Team Fortress 2: Radical Change - Interview by PC Gamer

PC Gamer talked to Robin a few days before the release of CTF_Well, the first new map for Team Fortress 2 since the game launched. It's the first of many changes he and his team will be making to their game over the coming year, including a new game mode, two new maps and a steady stream of game-changing new weapons.

Project Manager Erik Johnson and Marketing VP Doug Lombardi joined in to give some more background on the Valve philosophies behind some of their surprising decisions.

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solar3769d ago

hehe...nice sarcasim with the knife that backstabs in the front :P cant wait for the new content. pyro fireaxing ftw!

JsonHenry3769d ago

Can't wait till the new updates. They told us two months ago the new additions would have been out in February. Obviously that did not happen. But playing the waiting game with Valve is to be expected. The product is always worth the wait in the end.

solar3769d ago

totally agree. yes valve may not hit release dates all the time, but when their products are released they are wonderful games. plus they are constantly patching and helping our gaming experiences. im more then willing to wait. TF:2 as is now is a great game and will keep me occupied til the new content is released. hopefully the consoles get the goods the same time the PC does.

JsonHenry3769d ago

Yep. The support AFTER a game has been launched is paralleled only by Blizzard.

It makes me wish these two companies would take over EA which has my favorite IP - the Command and Conquer series - and even though I am happy about what EA has done with the series, I can only assume it would be ten-fold better in the hands of Blizzard or Valve.

KyonoRocks3769d ago

I really hope consoles get all this stuff. New maps are all fair and good but I really like the idea of loadouts which will prob be hard/impossible to implement for the console versions from what I've heard