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The Xbox One moves gaming out of the bedroom and into the living room - but can TV apps and a beefed up Kinect save console gaming?

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DJMarty2019d ago

No, it;s a PAY WALLED CABLE BOX, and a bad one.


CalamityCB2019d ago

Don't be ignorant. If you are going to slag of the machine state the true bad things such as DRM, specs and Used games.
It is still primarily a games console, MS just wanted to show that it can be used for more than playing games, in essence the ultimate entertainment system.
I hate how people have acted negative to Microsoft showing the TV side of the console, many of my friends use their Xbox 360s for watching films and television (e.g. I-player and 4OD). Microsoft are appealing to their most dominant customers, the people who watch and play.

TomOfAllTrades2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

No it's not a primary console, if that was the case, why was TV stressed so much at the reveal of the Xbox One, stop trying to over-shadow the fact that this device is not being aimed at the right market. You don't invite a bunch of gamers to an event and then advertise TV capability's, regardless of appealing to a wider array.

Minato-Namikaze2019d ago

You dont show your "TV side" when you invite gaming media and the people that are watching your reveal are primarly gamers. You do that at CES.

Sitdown2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

The crazy reality is, I have spent more time watching movies on my ps3 than I have playing games on it....if I think about it, probably more movie time logged on the ps3 than gaming time across all the current generation consoles. I feel my passion for gaming is slowly fading...What happened to the good old days of gaming? Things were so much simpler then...

kennyg37392019d ago

@Tomofalltrades, Microsoft said many times before the reveal that E3 is all about the games, and that the reveal will be about the console and the entertainment side.

darthv722019d ago

we got older. Our perceptions have changed. gone are the days of single serve platforms and a new era of multipurpose devices has taken over.

regardless of the percentage of gaming that is done on these new machines, they arent gaming machines in the same sense that we grew up on.

kingPoS2019d ago

Many who think it can stand on it's own as a cablebox will be disappointed. That's why many prefer a Tivo to get out of an unwanted lease.

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Blachek2019d ago

I'm going to avoid commenting on the obviously clouded opinion that is the first line of your comment and focus on what you followed it up with.

This screams fan-boy and tells me right away to discredit whatever you posted earlier. Even if it happened to be remotely intelligent.

MysticStrummer2019d ago

"4>1" screams fanboy?


Microsoft opened themselves up to that by choosing One for the name, and PS4 is clearly better than One if gaming is mainly what a person wants from their console. The specs alone prove that, but of course it's up to developers to make use of those specs.

DJMarty is wrong to call it a cable box though, because it still needs a cable box hooked up to it.

darthv722019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

True MS picked it as the name but they are using the word form not the numerical form.

It should be pointed out that while the numerical form of 4 is greater than 1, in popular culture we generally associate the numbers as a form of rank. Like in lists where numbers are counted down to the #1 rank.

Now that is obviously not the way MS is phrasing the system but the fans are going about using the numbers in what they consider is appropriate without taking into consideration the more common ranking association.

Back to the name itself....I'd preferred infinity or infinite instead but....this was their call not mine.

As to the "cable box" thing. It can be used in conjunction with an existing system if the user does not wish to use the various apps that are available via the live marketplace.

andibandit2019d ago

Well, it's either a huge success or a huge failure. One of my friends said that MS would try to work out deals with the major cable companies, kinda like when you get an iphone for 1$ if you buy a subscription at X company.
Well looks like he's right

Now i know sky is a UK company but im sure MS already have deals in place with american companies.

Anyone else worried that Spybox will outsell PS4 for all the wrong reasons?

MysticStrummer2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

"Anyone else worried that Spybox will outsell PS4 for all the wrong reasons?"

No. I never cared that 360 was ahead of PS3 for such a long time, though it did mystify me greatly. As long as PS4 sells well enough to be supported I'll be happy, and there's no doubt in my mind that it will sell enough for that.

Secondly, One's online requirement will cost MS a lot of sales worldwide. A huge number of 360s weren't played online. A significant number of people who bought a 360 won't be buying a One for that reason alone. Add in some other One "features" that many people aren't happy with, and I don't see One outselling PS4 worldwide.

Thirdly, not everyone with a cable box will be able to use it with the One. Some Ones might be returned when people get them home and find out they can't use it's TV functions at all.

Lastly, One won't support SDTVs, which is another thing that will cost MS many sales worldwide.


MS has made some highly questionable decisions with One.

Anon19742019d ago

A little old, isn't this? Why are we submitting a two week old preview now?

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loulou2019d ago

anychance of discussion is destroyed on here now..

and the mods are no where to be seen as usual

CRAIG6672019d ago


BulletToothtony2019d ago

Because the games are cheaper, much cheaper, on release day they're already $10 less than consolers and usually a month later they're already 39.99 and they only drop after that, sometimes selling for as little as $4 to $5 for a weekend.

I would much rather pay $40 for a game on release date even thou i couldn't resell it, I mean let's admit it, we know pretty good by now if a game is gonna be decent by the time it releases, and it's fine if i'm not be able to resell it. But paying $60 or maybe even more since pricing hasn't been confirmed this gen, and then not be able to resell it I'm simply not ok with that.

You have a pic of Bioshock on your avatar, that's a game worth full price and I won't resell that thing, but some games come on. But it comes down to you, if you have the money then you won't care. Some of us go low on money sometimes and we trade or sell a game in order to get a new one.

Lower the price by a lot and I'll be ok with this used games stuff.

CRAIG6672018d ago

That's a good point you make about pricing although not strictly true, take Borderlands 2 for instance, much better deals available for console users,otherwise I would probably be playing it on PC.In general though you are correct,hopefully this pricing anomaly is something that is tightened up going into the next gen...

I certainly don't consider myself rich though, purchasing a new game is a once in a while luxury but I do admit that I very rarely sell my games,nostalgia being the main reason, I often think back and wish I hadn't sold such n' such SNES or Dreamcast game,emulators are one thing but it's just not the same.

I don't think selling or trading in games will be an issue for xbox one owners, the issue may well be that buying 2nd games may be alot more expensive than we are used too, I don't mind too much though because atleast this way a cut of the proceeds will end up in the hands of the people who deserve it - the developers. Too many studio's are going out of business, hopefully this will give the industry as a whole a little more stability.

On a side note,as with xbox 360 and PS3 games the price for new games generally comes down over time, You can often pick up games for under £15 on the 360 dashboard, I can't see that changing.