9 ways the Kinect 2.0 can revolutionize gaming

GamesRadar - Standard controllers can only get you so far. The next generation of gaming is here (or, rather, will be here soon), meaning it's time to throw convention to the wayside and start playing games in more meaningful ways. The Xbox One and its packed-in Kinect will usher gaming into the future. You can say that the original Kinect was for babies, it never worked right, and it was just flat out useless, but the Kinect 2.0 has the potential to absolutely change the way we play games. Forever.

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Godmars2902021d ago

The only thing those pics tell me is that disabled gamers are going to be left out. Again feel restricted in a medium which once allowed them the opposite.

cleft52021d ago

I never really thought about that before. True the Kinect does track your hands, but it really is geared towards full body movement. Wow that really never occurred to me until now that the Kinect is excluding a lot of people. Thats really messed up.

loulou2021d ago

the next piece of ammunition in n4gs arsenal..

"kinect excludes handicaped gamers"

in all seriousness. the day controller based gaming ends, is the day i stop gaming. motiin controls are not for me

Heisenburger2021d ago

Very good point. Hell my left arm is in a sling. How am I expected to play Just Dance?

Not to mention our guys and gals overseas.

Fireseed2021d ago

So just because a group of people can't use it... means it's bad? I can't play games that flash too heavily like Geometry Wars cause I'm prone to seizures. But I don't that I'm excluded... I just don't play them.

Blackdeath_6632021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

no, but when kinect is mandatory yes it does exclude and alienate a group of people. even if that group is small it is still ill advised to do so even more so when gaming means alot to people who need something to spend the time while bed-bound. i had an operation once and the nurses bought me an N64 with super mario64 on it it really made my day (everything was in japanese though so i spent 3 hours trying to find my way lol).

Fireseed2021d ago

Since when has it been mandatory in games? In DISTINCTLY remember that it's not required for developers to implement into their games. Sure it's mandatory to be plugged into the console. But that's it.

Godmars2902021d ago

The point is that just like there are certain games or game segments you can't play because of your condition, there will be ones a disable person wont be able to.

That at the very least, you if not MS should have some consideration for them.

Fireseed2021d ago

I'm sorry to say but living with a disability, is well a disability. I know my limits and yeah it sucks but it doesn't bother me when I get left out, my friends in a wheelchair and he doesn't hate stairs cause he can't use them. I mean we may as well go so far as to say gamin is unthoughtful to quadriplegics... but wait they live with it too.

We appreciate the thought, but from now on let those with the disabilities speak for themselves. We can do that ya know.

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USMC_POLICE2021d ago

I agree with you 100% and never thought of that. I remember when had surgery and was laid up for two months and all I could do was play games. So why should we push kinect that will out the handicap people or those who may be injured.

Tapioca Cold2021d ago

Oh my god.....


Have nt we already been through this? Kinect can do this... kinect csn do that... it was horrible.

Why? Just why?

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CalamityCB2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

In my own opinion I believe if Microsoft pushes Kinect in a way where it is like "Hey it's here if you want to use it, don't want to use it? Sit down with your controller and have fun"
I also think that this time around devs can push some interesting ideas forward from voice recognition in-game to your in game character modeled of of you in real life.

yugovega2021d ago

only 9? this is the future. no controllers needed. all in xbone.

kneon2021d ago

If this is what's considered revolutionary then we need a counter-revolution

sashimi2021d ago

They said that about Kinect also lol Just because they keep saying it doesn't make it true.

Blackdeath_6632021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

LOL the one about ducking behind cover will not work as kinect will not recognise you, pause the game and will ask you to stand within X meters of the camera. also why use a crash bandicoot pic on a kinect article? if there was ever a game that is synonymous with the playstation brand and the PSone it would be crash bandicoot

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