Eurogamer reviews Mass Effect: Bring Down The Sky

The price - 400 Microsoft Points, or GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.80 - is certainly right for an experience this slender, but Eurogamer would rather have paid twice as much and got something with more substance. Maybe three missions that overlap, with a more balanced mix of action and intrigue? Something that at least requires visits to more than one location? Playing armchair developer is always a frustrating experience, but Eurogamer had hoped that these optional missions might be used to serve up something new or at least delve into the background of the characters who got the short end of the story stick in the original game. What about Kaidan's tragic past? Or Tali's pilgrimage? Ashley's adorably sexy brand of militaristic racism? There's so much fertile narrative soil established by the main game that Eurogamer is honestly surprised, and a little saddened, that a company usually defined by great stories has opted not to explore it in Bring Down The Sky.

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PS360WII3466d ago

Sure it wasn't the best dlc but it was still nice to have something new to play. He sounded pretty jaded in the end wanting more back story on the crew.