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There aren't enough superlatives to describe The Last Of Us, and if there's any negatives, it's that there's nothing here that's particularly original or innovative.

You've played games like this before, but never at a quality of this level, and never with a story this involving.

In short, this is an absolute must-buy.

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G20WLY1965d ago

Anyone know if this is any good??

1lawrence1965d ago

I'm not sure still need to see a little more reviews to decide

Kos-Mos1965d ago

Yeah like battle all stars roy...hehe...ale.

yugovega1965d ago

wow ubunganabandu it doesn't tae them long to mark you spam lol +bubbles if i could

Drakesfortune1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Please stop....i cant take the wait no more....its going to be like the christmas feeling you had when you was kid waiting for the day to bloody come...thursday the 13th is going to be a killer.