Shooting for Realism: How Accurate are Video-Game Weapons?

In real life, people rarely want to get into a firefight. But in many video games, particularly military-themed first-person shooters (FPS) like the just-released Rainbow Six Vegas 2, you can't wait to step into the line of fire. After all, you're an elite commando, and there's no way not to fight-no button to press to call your nervous wreck of a wife or go hang out with the kids. It doesn't matter how many bullets you take while gunning down whole platoons of terrorists and mercenaries, because this is red-blooded escapism at its geekiest. So shut up and start shooting guys.

As this successful genre continues to deliver best-selling titles, will increasingly powerful PCs and game consoles allow military shooters to become more realistic than ever?

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spandexxking3766d ago

pretty good read. not much else to it.

Lifendz3766d ago

ever shot someone with the .50 cal in COD4? Yeah, no way someone takes one shot and moves at all let alone lives. Then again it's a videogame and I don't need it to be completely accurate. How much fun would it be if you died after one or two shots?

THWIP3766d ago

...was SUPPOSED to fix that issue, among many others; sadly, it broke more than it fixed. Subsequently, I stopped playing COD4 after the patch, and was glad to move on to R6V2. The cover system, which is the best in gaming, combined with the weapons set...which is far superior to COD4...makes it the (near) perfect shooter.


well to be faire, one shot from the 50cal to the head will kill you or two depending on your perks.

i do see what you mean though, in real life you don't need the headshot. any old body part will do.

still you play it how you want. i like to think that in a real war i am not going to stand out in the open shooting and make myself a target so i don't do it in game. i think it does make a difference to the way i play and the kills i get.

other people prob see it as camping. i played with one guy on my team who complain about constantly getting killed and not getting a chance to kill anyone. i told him to stop standing around in the open and move from cover to cover. He said it was just a game, so i said well if thats how you play then don't complain about it. in real life you don't expect the enemy to just stand in the middle of the road waiting for you to shoot him do you.... again he said it's just a game, well thats why you don't have any kills and i do.

if its one shot for a kill it just makes it more intense ( though some would say it leads to more camping ). still....its real enough and still fun.

potenquatro3766d ago

sorry but i'm gonna disagree with u. any old bodypart won't do against a focused enemy. and i'm one of those guys that always complains about campers. camping in video games is not real at all. first u have to know were and how to camp, wich means u know the map and that has nothing to do with skills or tactics,thats just knowing were to park ur a$$. also on video games is hard to reach good camping spots with ur bullets,thats why they become camping spots,and in real life a cracksshot can always reach you with his bullet. my brother-in-law in the army and some of my friends that do what they do have all confirmed kills and/or getting hurt by ricochet shots. also in video games they usually make hand guns less effective than they of my friends was killed by a colt.45 revolver more than 50yrds away with one bullet hiting the chest. i always rather go all out and have fun than being mg on dods or any cod and spray and pray all game in a corner. the heck with the death count, as long as ur team wins. camping is the reason i don't play deathmatch on any game anymore,its capture the flag for me. thats just me, not trying to hate.


well i kind of see what you are saying, but still not all the way.

unfortunately i am not in the army or anything and only have one or two friends who are but it don't really talk about it much with them ( they live in africa ) which is where i lived for 12 years so it was a while ago.

when i say camp, don't get me wrong, thats what other people may call what i do, but believe you me, you wont find me in the same spot 2 x in a row. my point is when i move round a map i move from point to point, from cover to cover and not stand out in the open. and correct me if i'm wrong, but quite often before troops go into an area they will get as much intel on the location as possible and work out the best positions for people to be in to provide support, coverfire, sniping, recon, etc, etc. they will have maps to study, sat images etc.

they don't just run in spraying and praying, well at least i would like to think that, but then if that is what they do it would explain why there are so many casualties from friendly fire and civilian casualties.

ok the bit about any old body part would do may be a bit of an over statement; i would not really expect a shot to the hand or leg to really kill, though one could bleed to death. but i would think most shots to the body ( chest ) would be a kill. and lets face it that would be the easiest target as its the largest target and hence the easiest to hit. as you mentioned in your own post about your friend who was killed by the colt from that distance, well thats the point... so what would a 50cal do to someone ? yet in the game as stated it normally takes two shots and with most other guns its 2 or more shots.

in reality with any of those guns, one round to the chest would be a kill, unless you got body armor on or it misses your vitals.

The whole point is that these games don't reflect what real war is like, or getting shot by a real gun for that matter. thats why you can run round and spray. if you die 20 times, no worries you will be back 21 times, its just for fun. you only get one chance doing the real thing and like you said it may not always be a direct hit, just a bullet bouncing off something can be the end... i don't think anyone finds that idea fun.

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neonchez3766d ago

i grew up in MS. i learned to shoot a gun as soon as i was big enough to hold one. i can say from experience that shooting guns in a video game is nothing like shooting one for real. a video game does not teach you to deal w/ recoil(i know some games simulate recoil but it's not the same as trying to control a real gun), and it does not teach you to reload or what to do in the event of your gun jamming. and to top it off, aiming a real gun is not the same as aiming in a video game either, in a game you can press a button to look down the sights but the game lines the sights up for you.

i guess what i'm saying is, you can't "train" yourself to shoot ppl in a video game like(everyone's favorite attorney)Jack Thompson seems to think.

THWIP3766d ago

While it's true that no shooter is a real "simulation" of firing actual guns (to expect any of the real-world mechanical aspects you mention, is absurd), that doesn't mean they can't help you learn some skills. It's a widely know fact, supported by years of research, that games can improve reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Driving games and shooters are the 2 types of games that typically excel in this.

Tempist3766d ago

Stalker has by far the best weapon realism to date. Bullets will bounce off the ground or objects, they have penetration and guns have decent statistics.

If you haven't tried it yet, you should go take a look. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

potenquatro3766d ago

its not accurate at all especialy from a distance.but it can get better i think.with better phisics and graffics it can get better.if they calculate better recoil and better wind and bullet tragectory. i have two guns and its nothing like video games, but its basically the same mechanic. u aim down the barrell,relax, u wait for the shot,u shoot, object gets penetrated or goes down.