Top 10 Favorite Video Game Commercials

Here ScrewAttack lists their favorite video game commercials.

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Cam9771988d ago

This prelude is a bit off topic, but I had a PS3 ad before this video and wow! It's now £139.99 at GAME - what an absolute bargain! If you don' have one, buy one now. This is the best time you can possibly get one. With a library of classics already available and more to come (TLOU, Beyond etc...) it really has never been better to own a PS3.

Anyway, back on topic, really good video! The FF:IV with the ostrich is wonderfully quirky, and what's up with the #9? What went through the director's mind, WHAT was their target audience? With regard to the Powerglove scene I doubt films would receive praise for doing heinous acts such as that today. Oooh, that SMASH BROS ad is fantastic Next up, Kevin Butler - I really wish Sony didn't lay him off, he was absolute GOLD! That BattleTanks commercial is also brilliant, the same can be said for #1 = that was hilarious!