E3 predictions and hopes

It’s that time of the year again. When we cry out of joy when that new game you hoped for finally gets announced. Or you cry because you will have to buy your next-gen games yourself instead of just borrowing it from a friend.

That’s right E3 will bring joy and for some it will bring absolute dreadfulness in the form of DRM, “always-on” or no 3rd party support.

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Wizziokid2016d ago

My main hope is MS come out and say everything up until this point has been a long-standing April fools. Then the announce the real console.

cell9892016d ago

I hate to break it to you son, but this is the reality of the situation, yuore beloved exbone maker is here to take names, and your money too

Wizziokid2016d ago

Beoved? No I've been getting the PS4 first from the start, I just like owning all consoles for exclusives but all this information makes me not want to invest even for those.

I'LL Still have my ps4 and wii u though

cell9892016d ago

my #1 prediction is that Microsoft will not change their stance on DRM

sashimi2016d ago

Well there ya go, its no longer a prediction lol

InTheLab2016d ago

MS just jumped out the window and hung themselves...

CynicalKelly2016d ago

They said that while we cannot lend or rent games at launch, they are listening to feedback and will be looking into exploring the topic with the publishers and partners in trying to make that a reality.

So DRM in both consoles but it's entirely up to the publishers.

cell9892016d ago

"they are listening to feedback and will be looking into exploring the topic with the publishers and partners" That usually means nothing but PR BS, but here is hoping youre right

JBSleek2016d ago

Crazy prediction: Ubisoft has the best conference two years in a row.

BuffMordecai2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

My prediction is that the bone bombs again and the press will be angrier than ever.

greenpowerz2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

My prediction is now that MSFT got the hard stuff out of the way, they will blow people away at E3 with games and more details on the Xbox One hardware specs.

Only One rumor about the Xbox One's Kinect spying and sending info with no settings to turn it off, no used games, used game fees for consumers (on and on) was true out of all of them, expect the same in regards to the XB1 hardware specs.

Also expect Sony to not allow devs to chose Xbox over Playstation due to more control of pirating on the xbox. They will announces the same features MSFT released a few minutes ago (they basically already did?) I expect Suddenly no one will be talking or grumping about DRM etc a day after E3 ends.

yugovega2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

you are will force away used games and fanboys will praise them for saving developers and gaming. it's sad. but microsoft does it and they are killing gaming.

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