Shooters Are Killing Creativity

CCC says: "It’s time to make all of the Call of Duty fans in the audience angry. The modern-day military shooter is killing creativity in the gaming industry. That’s not to say that Call of Duty is a bad game. A game can be good and still have negative consequences for the gaming industry. What the statement means is that the way these games are produced and the attitudes that both publishers and fans have toward them are stifling creative efforts in a number of ways. Let’s examine how."

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xHeavYx1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Glad that my console of choice has a huge variety of games, instead of DLC exclusivity for FPS

yugovega1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

your console of choice must be a wiiu as well

CalamityCB1993d ago

Didn't know you went with the NEOGEO X this generation.

IcyEyes1993d ago

Well, when people say there are too much FPS on this gen I just agree ... but ... hey, have you take a look at the other games ?
This gen is FULL of any kind of game, just look around and you will be surprised.
I mean, you can find a LOT of point and click adventures ! (I love that kind of game)

GrownUpGamer1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Those who complain about FPS games so much is because they suck @ them. People hating on COD franchise is just plain stupid. You(haters) have been hating and bashing the COD games and they are still coming out and selling. Advise.... Ignore COD and keep living/gaming and have fun.

The only COD i have is COD4 and i dont like the rest. Why im gonna waste my time hating Activition instead of paying attention to new things?

NOTHING is killing creativity.

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Relientk771993d ago

Agree with this, current gen had way to many shooters. I hope next-gen we get more of a variety

HammadTheBeast1993d ago

Well, its not even shooters, the genre is fine as seen with Bioshock Infinite, its shooters trying to be like CoD and BF3, and those same shooters not innovating at all.

Relientk771993d ago

Well yes that is true, my comment was sorta vague its not ALL shooters

I very much enjoy the BioShock series, I'm playing Infinite now, and omg it is amazing

Gaming_Guru1993d ago

At: Relientk77

That's ridiculous, if anyone is to blame about creativity it's us consumers that won't buy anything different. Games that actually do something different struggle with sales, while video games that play it safe make millions.

People want to play the same game over again, rather than playing something new and this applies to all genres. When a developer wants to take an IP and do something new with it, people hate it and it's not popular. Then a game comes out doing the same thing as previous installments - if it's a sequel - with slightly better graphics and it sells millions.

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NYC_Gamer1993d ago

The publishers are killing creativity by running after mainstream success

Coach_McGuirk1993d ago

ding ding - winner here, folks!

jonboi241993d ago

And thats why we have Indies and teams like Naughty Dog who try to use the video game medium in different ways....

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