Xbox One: Worst Console Reveal Since the Sega Saturn?

Given the absolutely vocal backlash that the Xbox One reveal caused, is Microsoft's new machine going the way of the Sega Saturn?

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ThatCanadianGuy5142015d ago

Oh by far to.Easily the biggest gaming blunder of all time.Not just the reveal either.The PR nightmare right after was equally as bad.

dedicatedtogamers2015d ago

The problem is the PR. The reveal itself was...okay (looking back, I think people were simply upset more games weren't shown). The real nightmare was what happened (and what has gone on day after day) AFTER the console reveal. Not even the Saturn had it this bad.

On a side note, Saturn was a really fun console. For anyone browsing: if you like old school arcade games, especially 2d fighting games and 2d shmups, Saturn is your best new friend.

jonboi242015d ago

I don't know Saturn's reveal was really bad because it pretty much killed many relationships it had with their retail partners. It turned ugly that some retails didn't get any Saturns at launch and pretty much killed the console.

yugovega2015d ago

at least the saturn had a price and release date at their reveal. and after the reveal u could still play used games. so worse the the saturn reveal i'd say. not to mention the saturn actually showed games.

loulou2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

you have got to the people on here credit for all the hard work that they do... bubs +

worst reveal... after e3 i'll give my answer to that question.

BlackTar1872015d ago


how can you give that after e3? E3 is not the xbone reveal.

Wow you don't even understand the concept of the question this is posing.

loulou2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )


leave it out. i saw a plastic box with some tv features. that also left lots of questions unanswered... not forgetting that we haven't yet seen the games.

for the moment it is a non-starter. but on n4g where there must be negatvity surrounding everyone but sony. we have two-bit sites hit leeching with rubbish wrote especially for the fanboys that dwell on here.

the question is just as understandable as the pathetic hit leeching that this blog was wrote for.

anything else?

BlackTar1872015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )


whats your address ill mail you a dictionary on what First reveal means. It can't be the first reveal when they show it for a second time.

loulou2015d ago

yawn... so no one is allowed to reserve judgement until everything is clear right??

we must base our purchasing opinions off of a 1hr showing?? which showed not a great deal.

enough with "i'll send you a dictionary" rubbish. i already said the reveal was not good. but everything is not yet decided.... nor disclosed

Hicken2014d ago

E3 is not the reveal, you.... silly person.

The freakin reveal was the reveal. You can reserve all the judgement you want; E3 has nothing to do with the damn question.

You, JokesOnYou, MikeMyers, and others... it's like you don't understand the concept of a "topic." Rather than addressing the topic, or even a particular person's comment, you go all around the edges of it, talking about things that are vaguely similar, but that have NO actual bearing on the subject at hand.

Crappy analogies, weak deflections, and an overabundance of straw men. You guys should be politicians.

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duli142015d ago

lol...Belking at it again.

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The story is too old to be commented.