New Serious Sam Title Teased For 2014, First Artwork Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Croteam has included an artwork for the next Serious Sam title in this week's Humble Sale, claiming that it will be coming in 2014. As Croteam stated, all funds to Croteam will go towards making the upcoming Serious Sam 4 the craziest and greatest Serious Sam game ever."

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john21990d ago

So from the looks of it, it will take place in Earth. Prequel?

dedicatedtogamers1990d ago

We need more games like this.

Currently replaying (and loving) SS3 on PC. Man oh man, it's crazy fun.

Hazmat131990d ago

i remember the serious sam game i played on my PS2, thats was hardcore co op fun! (besides timesplitters future perfect.)

WalterWJR1990d ago

All serious Sam games on humble bundle as of today can be had for very cheap! Apparently some of the proceeds are going into this game